Feeling Good About Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Not many people in the world wouldn’t like to feel a little better about their day and have a little extra pep. To that end Rhodiola rosea extract is here. It brings a legitimate boost to both mood and energy.

It grows in cold, mountainous areas and sports rather pretty yellow flowers. It’s use dates back as far the ancient Chinese and Siberians and as recently as the KGB. It’s been used to maintain mental clarity and physical well being in the same difficult climates in which it grows.

Now, herbal extracts that claim to make you feel that little bit better that you’d like to feel are ten a penny, but the claims about rosea are not overly broad. They are also backed up by an increasing number of clinical studies. There is more here than the preponderance of tradition ascribing power to a plant.

In scientific studies the plant has been seen to be an effective monoamine oxidase inhibitor. This is similar to the action of many current anti-depressants. Cortisol is a chemical associated with stress in the body, and the extract also acts to moderate its production. This means it’s not only effective, but effective along the same lines as proven medications.

Monoamine oxidase is a group of enzymes in the body that metabolize, among other things, endorphins and dopamine. A greater amount of available endorphins and dopamine means that you feel better.

Monoamine oxidase enzymes also metabolize things like caffeine and a whole host of other drugs and chemicals. When under the influence it’s important to know what foods and drugs are contraindicated with the use of MAOIs. On one hand caffeine will last longer, but it will also be much more powerful. A usual dose may become uncomfortable or dangerous.

It’s also important to make sure that you are getting pure Rhodiola rosea. It should have at least 3% rosavins and 1% salidroside.

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