Features of the Polar F4 Heart Monitor

To achieve your health and fitness goals you should use a heart rate monitor. These types of devices will allow you to achieve and maintain your target heart rate that will get your closer to your fitness goals. The Polar F4 heart monitor was born under the Polar brand not so long ago and has helped people achieve the right intensity in their workout regime. By monitoring your heart rate during exercise you can tell if your level of intensity is too high or too low.

Both athletes and casual people can enjoy the benefits of using Polar heart rate monitors as it will help you to focus more on fat burning plus aerobic target zones. A lot of people have actually enjoyed the benefits of using such heart monitor. For instance, heart monitors have helped runners run into their peak target zone. Cyclists as well were able to monitor their performance with the different ride types. Injury-rehabilitation patients were also able use this that assisted them in monitoring the strength of their heart while recuperating from their illness or accident.

Joggers and casual walkers appreciate the benefits too as it helps them burn fat and reach their target aerobic zones. To monitor the condition of their body during peak ascents, hikers and skiers as well as climbers use monitors frequently. And for those people in weight-loss programs heart rate monitors help them stay on track with their fitness goals.

There are many heart rate monitors on the market today, however Polar F4 is the first woman-specific heart rate monitor. The small and slim design is great for women to use and have made it a top pick for women and small athletes because of the features. Some of these features include:

* Automatic and manual target heart rate zone

* Visual/Audio alarm

* Ability to calculate the calories burned throughout the entire workout that is based on the person’s gender, weight and heart rate

* Shows average heart rate during your workout

* Shows you the time you’ve spent exercising in a certain zone using the fitness bullets

* Features HeartTouch and allows you to monitor the pace, speed, and rate of your heart by placing at your chest

* The user is able to monitor their intensity levels with the Zone pointer function

* Water-resistant up to 100 feet/30 meters

* Comes in three different colors: red berry, blue ice, and black amber; and a lot more.

Moreover, this type of heart monitor is very easy to use, comes with various features and is handy fit for any lady to use. It is likewise created by a trusted and established company, Polar, famous for over 30 years because of the quality of the products they make. So whether you want to lose weight, burn fats and calories, increase your stamina and endurance, or simply to stay fit, invest in Polar f4 heart monitor to achieve your goals the right way.

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