Fatigue, Insomnia, and Weight Loss!

www.undergroundwellness.com Are you one of the 64 million Americans who can’t get a good night’s sleep? You certainly don’t have an Ambien deficiency! Find the root cause of your insomnia. Learn how lack of sleep and chronic fatigue can hamper your weight loss goals. Contact [email protected] to schedule your FREE consultation!

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  1. piratebri says:

    Couldn’t you just be sweaty/hot if you have too many blankets on? Sometimes people go to sleep feeling cold (they take off most of their clothes before going to bed), so use 1-2 blankets. While they sleep, their body heat accumulates under the blankets and makes their body warmer. Eventually it could lead to the point where you do sweat or feel very hot, and wake up to remove a blanket or two. Happens to a lot of people I would think. Wouldn’t a parasite infestation carry more symptoms?

  2. Junior1luv says:

    Dude is genius!!!!!

  3. mckemckenzie says:

    oh..my..Gosh!! You are smarter than smart. You are talking about all the topics I want to know about! I ask a question out loud and your video responds just like that. lol. I must be in the right place. Gimme more!

  4. ShottyAtIlluminati says:

    I’m interested in hearing about masturbation related to insomnia. Since I first started masturbating I’ve been an addict, but I’ve only just realized it. I’m now gonna try and go at least a week without it and see how I feel. Please let me know what it has to do with insomnia, PM me if you don’t wanna post here.

  5. Well… I’m watching this at 1am… need to go to bed!

  6. What rules? Let’s see…
    4. Welcome all opinions.
    6. Again, be open-minded.

    Sean you banned him because you didn’t like the subject matter simple as that. Me and a lot of other mature members would actually like to hear what he has to say about masturbation addiction and how it’s related to health.

  7. Masturbating, it feels good man.

  8. Sean,
    just a quick one, you mentioned that Melatonin is produced in the gut, but as far as I know it’s produced by pineal gland. Were you thinking serotonin by any chance?

  9. trogdorfiend says:

    it’s wise to be educated on the full effects of a pill before taking it

  10. SkatewithaLife says:

    I have a question. I take Omega 3 pills and I have them every day. I know they are supposed to make your skin tighter but does it make you lose weight too?????????? Please answer my question as quickly as possible because I’m under a lot of stress!!!!!!!!!!

  11. michellechristineday says:

    that must be why my boyfriend feels sooo hot at night!!!! …i miss snuggling with him.
    thank you!

  12. LilMissNicolson says:

    Its greattt that your not boring to listen tooo!i find your videos so interesting!

  13. Your videos are amazing! GREAT info:)

  14. JLeeMagnetic says:

    what feels gooddddd

  15. JLeeMagnetic says:

    what do u mean i got burned???

  16. feels

  17. WellnessMafia says:

    Not only does sean know his stuff – he can get people burned! JleeMagnetic – you got buuuurned dude! haha

  18. RPSGT2006 says:

    this was a very good video….I work in the sleep field….so i see a lot of people come in with sleep apnea and most of it is due to weight and mediciines…but hearing about the hormones and melatonin helped me understand more of what’s going on at night….question….since i work nights i exercise in the morning when i get off work, how does exercise right before bedtime affect sleep?

  19. JLeeMagnetic says:

    no masturbation has to do with insomnia and you know it. I was about to have a serious discussion about it. You ban people for no good reason.

  20. UndergroundWellness says:

    *rolling eyes*

    Way to put yourself out there, buddy. Maybe your ban had something to do with several topics you posted about your masturbation addiction (which the world now knows about).

    You know the rules. You broke them. Live with it, buddy!


  21. JLeeMagnetic says:

    this is LOBSANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WAS I BANNED FROM THE FORUM????????????? HEY people, I didn’t no NOTHING wrong!!! I talked about insomnia, then sean said i have a warning. I got pissed and i asked him y he listens to lil wayne. cuz wayne sucks. and I got BANNED!!!!!!!!!!

  22. UndergroundWellness says:

    Haha! It’s how I think. I’m a visual thinker. Visual thinkers look up and to the left when we explain things. It’s how we access information.

  23. WellnessMafia says:

    Welcome back, and with some great info too.

  24. worstMMBNplayer says:

    Hehe are you looking at something on the left?

  25. chocl8pashun says:

    l love you! You’re great!

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