Fast Weight Loss

I am a 20 year old college student, and on October 24th, 2007 I decided to turn my life around. I was obese, depressed, and was lacking in self confidence. Now, as of December 19th, 2007 I am over 40 pounds lighter; having dropped 6 pant sizes, and two shirt sizes- I will do whatever it takes to not get back to where i was. How did I do it you might ask? – Hardwork, determination, and moral support. (and some other stuff) lol – if you wanna ask me specifically how i lost it or need some …


  1. good for you dude! what kind of things did you alter with your diet and activities?

  2. I’m not saying the guy in the vid is a douche. I’m refering to “iare7”

  3. I agree that guy is a douche, but I seriously doubt he’s gained much muscle as doing that while in a calorie deficit is nearly if not argueably impossible. He’s just got so ripped that the muscle tone is much clearer. Though he could have gained muscle after he reached the desired weight, what do I know.

  4. Hey you fucking loser. Anyone with a decent eye sight can see he gained muscle… You dont gain muscle in starvation diets…

    You’re a sad unmotivating piece of shit.

    Go slit your wrist and quit giving people hell who deserve what they worked for.

  5. hey man omg im ive been trying and i need motivations and i need to know how you did it it for a person who wants to follow in your footsteps lol

  6. I’m ready to bet, that you have gained all the weight back by now – plus a few extra pounds, which the body does in order to preserve itself from threatening starvation

  7. What a great story. You can challenge your physical fitness by trying out the World Fitness Challenge.

  8. he didnt. its impossible to target fat burn…it just comes off in whatever way ur body decides to take it off. if u have chub in areas u dont want it, u just have to keep working at cardio and eating healthier till it comes off

  9. Hey Man. I have lost a total of 101 lbs. I am 195 right now and I am working on trying to do what you have accomplished. Any pointers? Thanks.

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