Fast Weight Loss workout exercises to lose 5 lbs. a week

From This fast weight loss workout has 5 different exercises you do that’ll help you lose up to 5 pounds a week and once you get to a point where you are not satisfied with how fast you’re losing weight on this fast weight loss workout plan then… You can do my other YouTube video called “Quick weight loss workout to help YOU Lose 15 pounds fast” to shock your body so you’ll break out of any weight loss plateau you’re in so you can lose weight fast again and… Remember …

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  1. SoulxSpectre says:

    Me too…lol and he isn’t skinny.

  2. aubreannagal says:

    does this work?

  3. xTHiNkPiNk says:

    does this even work?
    really 5 lbs per week???

  4. xTHiNkPiNk says:

    i want to lose a few pounds but i dont want a bulging manly muscular body.

  5. shortstop1616 says:

    Don’t be afraid of protein… it helps you loose weight… just watch your calories. I use the loose weight diet tips over at vastmuscle (.com) very informative

  6. qtchrisxD says:

    dont eat 😛

  7. jazzyphe17 says:

    wow thats good what diet do you follow

  8. no……..

  9. borednblah123 says:

    does anyone know how to lose weight without gaining muscles??

  10. TrevorAndrews1988 says:


  11. FlytheUnionJack says:

    I didnt even try this it dosent look very intensive.

    I run 3 miles (drag it out over 20 mins) then I do another 3 miles or 1.5 miles march this is very intensive, in the after noon I do pressups, sit ups, dips and sprints

  12. shortstop1616 says:

    Keep up the good work man. Your looking great. I just finished the vastmuscle (.com) lose weight workout and took off 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I could not be more excited and the ladies notice too.

  13. u sound like cleveland from family guy lol

  14. Dbro88911 says:

    im pretty sure landing with locked knees with weights in your hands is VERY bad for your knees.

  15. NOSFERATUalu says:

    nice! i like the way you talk 😀
    what if your knees get damaged though?

  16. fitgirlme says:

    I really don’t think the jump is needed, It is hard on your knees and takes away from doing this exercise right

  17. FlytheUnionJack says:

    so is this better than running 3 miles a day every week to loose weight, like I do?

    im 6ft 4inc and weigh 17.5 stone (245pounds) I have a meadium to Large Frame.

    I know i need to loose weight but whats the best meathod? Id much appreaciate any tips etc from you guys thanks

  18. Nyxrayman says:

    I like it – but what if the knees aren’t up to it? Is there an alternative? Thanks-

  19. TMVPCIARH says:

    What if I were to use a bar with 15lbs on each side instead of dumbbells?

  20. sexxymullatto says:

    These exercises look like they’re hard on the knees.

  21. sexxymullatto says:

    What can u do if you have a bad knee? These exercises look like they’re hard on the knees.

  22. inshape4u says:

    a lot

  23. firstbb24 says:

    how many calories do you burn in one session using 5lb weights?

  24. inshape4u says:

    yes but it will not be all fat

  25. cheers mate

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