Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here are the top 3 Fast Weight Loss Tips in HD from **Sponsor: The serious weight loss solution – Find more fitness videos at or own this video for just {video_description}.75! Start your new years resolution off right with a healthy lifestyle diet and exercise plan. These free weight loss diet tips will help you lose fat and weight fast! Happy New Years and clip this video for future art reference. Check Us Out All Over The Internet! Facebook – iTunes – tinyurl …

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  1. vergessenheit says:

    highly simplistic in a negative way

  2. losefatin7days says:

    This video rocks!

  3. swastedcat says:

    Hot Hoodia Plus is the best, no side effects and really curves my appetite.

  4. nothackingwarrock says:

    i dont know if this is good or not for a 16 year old but i lost 50lbs in 4 months just by eating the right foods and exercising everyday. i practically followed everything in this video, i wish i had found this video earlier.

  5. WaffleBrother says:


  6. BeaucoupRed says:

    The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners Association has recently taken down it’s YouTube channel.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the discovery of dangerous levels of MERCURY in HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See one of the last remaining ChemRisk videos at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  7. tiredamerican says:

    here’s a revolutionary idea….consume no more than 2000 calories a day, exercise a bit and you will not gain weight. I went from 183lbs to 163 in two months by carefully watching my caloric intake. You can eat whatever you want but no more than 2000 a day and viola! PS: an added bonus: my blood pressure hasn’t been so good since I was 25 years old.

  8. rizzomanc69 says:

    Eat healthy
    … the list continues
    heres a site i came across that shows you alot of good healthy tips on how to lose weight, i lost 15 lbs in 2 months by following it


  9. nycwiseguy91 says:

    Any body want to know a real easy way to loose 22 pounds of ugly fat…

    Cut of you head

  10. LiVeRNoOdLe says:

    What is HGH?

  11. 21stcenturyhgh says:

    Great Video, another great tip is using some HGH

  12. everEbodE says:

    If you really want to loose weight fast then you should go to: combatingfat.blogspot,com

  13. he is HOT!

  14. sweetine777 says:

    she wasn’t saying that it wasn’t possible for everyone just for a lot of people especially ppl that like a large variety of foods and want to eat different things and not the same thing everyday.

  15. sweetine777 says:

    actually it is good to snack, u should eat between 5-6 little meals/snacks so you won’t be hungry and start to snack on bad things. Sunflower seeds are good, pickles (a jar or pickle slices is around 130 calories total!), protein shakes b4 working out, and other stuff are good tasting items. jello u make, fruits n veggies always, tuna salad (no dressing), lots of stuff

  16. Get on a speed/cocain diet, it realy works :D.

    No they are right.

    Stop drinking sweet soda’s all day. And just eat a decent meal 3 times a day and stop snacking each hour.

    Have a regular workout, find a partner to walk, run or work out at the gym. Grow some muscle to speed up your metabolism, losing fat starts with gaining weight trough muscles.

    Try sleep well, and be active. Theres a whole world out there and you realy don’t need a tv to find out.

  17. iloveyourstory says:

    b o r i n g

  18. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  19. BlueFirefly010 says:

    XD woo~~

  20. JayLeckie says:

    btw, if you are a suger addic, do NOT try to just stop eating or frinking sugary stuff.

    If you stop right away it will make you feel really depressed and sick, try to gradually push it out, it will be alot better for your mental and physical health than just trying to stop.

  21. InBruceWeTrust says:

    She is attractive.

  22. Nice!

  23. why isn’t it realistic to only eat grapefruits and cabbage? My husband has done just htat for over a year and a half and he is a great althlete. Read 80/10/100 by dr grahama nd you will see that it is a way of life that many benefit from interms of peek health. It is a raw lowfat vegan diet and it works works works miracles.Don’t knock it till you have tried it!

  24. lolstephsis says:

    but when i eat japanese rice cakes,
    it makes me really full for long time…
    is that rice cake different from the one in the video? or is it just same thing?

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