Fast Weight Loss Diet – Lose 14lb in 5 days

Lose up to 14lb in 5 days with this simple, safe and effective fast weight loss diet by Zoe Harcombe. Visit for free diet sheets and tips.

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  1. Gravity43kg says:

    True, if you want to lose weight you need to burn more than what you consume which is pretty hard, Keep active 🙂

  2. WebkinzProductionz says:

    im losing weight. but i know im not anorexic. cuz i think i look good now. anorexic girls think they DONT EVER look good

  3. heyheyhey769 says:

    you are within the normal range

  4. memoriess14 says:

    this diet doesn’t work! i swear i did it perfectly, infact i ate the healthiest things for a human and this still didn’t work,

  5. EllenRebecca3 says:

    I meant fat, yes. I think everyone who says they want to lose weight means they want to lose weight in fat, not water and certainly not muscle. I’m uncertain about the 3500 (calories?) theory but there must be a limit to which our bodies are healthily supposed to take.

  6. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – you mean the max FAT is 3.5 lbs I assume and that’s if you believe the 3500 theory, for which I can still find no evidence whatsoever.
    I don’t know what the max WEIGHT you can lose is – I do know that someone on my blog last week lost 17lbs in 5 days and 1 on my facebook page has just lost 16lbs in 5 days! These results stunned me, I must admit, & lots will be water, but we’re 50% water anyway! If you are normally hydrated and weight 16lbs less than last week – that counts! Zoe x

  7. EllenRebecca3 says:

    The maximum amount of weight you’re meant to lose in a week is three and a half pounds. Any more than that is going to be water and muscle.

  8. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – I’m so sorry you’ve not been losing on what sounds like a low carb/real food diet.

    Have you got much to lose? Are you eating enough?! Do a search for “The Minnesota Starvation experiment” and read about what happened to 36 healthy men who went on a low calorie diet (c. 1500 cals – not that low!) You may have sent your body into starve/store mode.
    Just trying to offer some suggestions
    Best wishes – Zoe

  9. bundleHastings says:

    I was excited by your regime till I watched this. Now I am even more depressed! I have already been eating this exact diet (except the rice) and no weight loss has ensued.

  10. WebkinzProductionz says:

    I’m 5′ 3″ I’m 14 years old and I’m not built small, but not big. my BONE STRUCTURE is average. I weigh 119. lbs. Am I overweight?

  11. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – best option is to get hold of one of the books – either “Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim” or “Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet”. Either of them will explain everything that there sadly isn’t room for here – the 5 day plan, what you do afterwards to carry on losing, what 3 very common medical conditions cause food cravings, how the diet came about etc
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes – Zoe

  12. princess2008pinky says:

    i didnt get what u said how shall i lose the 14lb in 5 days plz reply bk i really want to know how to lose it im going to a party i wanna look fabulouse tell what to eat

  13. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – 14 pounds = 6.35kg
    Bye – Zoe x

  14. princess2008pinky says:

    whats 14 pounds in kg

  15. bitemeeehhh says:

    yes, it did 😀
    thanks so much for the tip

  16. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – good comment! Water is so interesting in weight loss. An athlete can store c. 250g glycogen in the liver and 400g in the muscles. With c. 4 molecules of water to glycogen, if they starve for just 24 hours, they could lose 3.25kg or 7lbs! That’s why no starvation diet is good!
    The Harcombe Diet (even Phase 1) doesn’t restrict quantities at all. A lot of water can be lost in Phase 1, as 2 of the conditions cause bad water retention and that’s water we want to be gone from thighs etc

  17. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – you can find BMI calculators all over the internet and you want to be in the normal range to be healthy.
    For 5 foot, the top weight you could be is 127lbs and the bottom weight is 95lbs – and still be considered healthy! I’ve heard “21” being talked about at obesity conferences as ‘the perfect BMI’ – that would be a weight of 108lbs for your height
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes – Zoe

  18. bitemeeehhh says:

    how much should i weigh?
    im 5 foot tall…

  19. dollymadge says:

    I know how to lose 5 ilbs. of water weight in 2 days!

  20. i stopped it for 5 months and gained barely over 6lbs, and trust me, i was eating chocolates, pastries, icecreams, etc almost all the time, i thought i would have gained more, but it boosted my metabolism. I used to do a calorie restricted diet and gained ALL i had lost in a couple of months. So yeah, it DOES work. 😀

  21. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – the most fundamental principle of The Harcombe Diet is that you eat food in the form that nature intended you to eat it. This means that we don’t sweeten things! Your taste buds will adapt to the point that cherry tomatoes and bananas (2 of nature’s sweetest things) will taste as sweet as anything you can imagine. Our bodies and taste buds have been ruined by sugar and sweetener being added to every processed food possible. No honey or sugar, therefore – just porridge! Good luck – Zoe

  22. Karmaroma1 says:

    Hi, please could you tell me what I can sweeten my porridge with as I usually have honey

  23. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Hi there – BMI is more important to know than weight to help you with this. How tall are you? You could have 40lbs to lose or none. The Harcombe Diet is all about working wih your body to get to your natural weight. It won’t easily help you get below this.
    Bye for now – Zoe

  24. TUFFBACON says:

    i weigh 152 pounds how much weight do you think i can lose if i do phase 1 for a month

  25. ZoeHarcombe says:

    Yes! You can do Phase 1 as long as you like. It is not as limited as Atkins, for example. Another tip is to add Dairy back in for a modified Phase 1 – if you are confident that you have no dairy food intolerance. This gives you many more options (cheese salads, skimmed milk with porridge for breakfast etc) without adding more carbs into the diet.
    If you have never craved dairy products (never been a cheese fiend or an ice-cream junkie) you should be safe with dairy
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes x

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