Fantasy Football and Live Scoring – Bask In Its Awesomeness

Completely live, automatic scoring has turned fantasy football from very good to wonderful. Thanks to developments in fantasy football websites in the last couple of years, we can currently enjoy seeing the scores update on the web for our fantasy football player nearly immediately after he performs on the field in real time.

There’s something enslaving about the feeling of watching your quarterback about to be tackled, then at the last second he spins out of it, tosses it to a running back and he catches the defense off balance and sprints it in to score from twenty five yards away. As you glance at your laptop display screen, the deficit you were facing is all of a sudden wiped aside, and you are inside of just a handful of points of your opponent. Play by play, you observe the points increase until finally the Monday night game is over and you see that you came out ahead.

This kind of excitement was not feasible prior to when the internet took fantasy football to the subsequent stage. We previously had to write down which players we wanted to play that week, phone the draft commissioner to tell him, and wonder which players we were going up against. Sometime the next week after all the games ended we would discover for sure who had won our match up. There were scoring arguments, lineup difficulties, drunken fistfights, and other problems that come with human mistake. The play by play excitement as I explained above did not exist in the fantasy football realm. It was only accessible to gamblers who selected wagers on every minute detail of the game.

A different enjoyment from the live updates arrives from viewing your opponent either fail to score, fumble, or chuck an interception. In my league, fumbles and interceptions count for negative points. It is great to see the opposing team’s points fade away. You can also see the live scores of additional teams in your league, such as teams in your division. Possibly you’re in the race for first place, and need to have a loss by the other team to keep your playoff hopes alive. Well now you can observe what is going on and know right away how your playoff chances are looking versus the other fantasy teams in your league.

Yes, much like color TV, fantasy football has added a different facet of enjoyment to watching the games. You’ll discover yourself involved in meaningless games, due to a player on that team you require to execute for your fantasy team. The popularity of fantasy football will no doubt continue to develop and locate new audiences as new tools are continually designed to enhance it.

Wish your wife could understand why you love fantasy football? Wondering why your fantasy football team gives you indigestion?

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