Facts on Disposable Contacts

Unlike before, disposable contact lenses are more popular types of contacts. They are contacts that are worn for a certain period of time, tossed out, and replaced with new lenses. Disposable contacts are unique contacts so it is well worth learning about these types of contacts. If you are considering disposable contacts, below is guide to help you learn more about these innovative and popular contact lenses.

Why Replace Contacts?

Frequently replacing contacts is healthier for your eyes. When wearing contacts long term, they have to be cleaned and disinfected daily in order to prevent the build up of protein and other deposits that can be harmful to the eyes. Often, using cleaning solutions over time will not completely clean the contacts and can make the eyes more prone to infections.

Disposable Contacts Categories

‘Disposable’ normally refers to both disposable and frequent replacement lenses. Based on when they are replaced, disposable contacts are categorized as the following:

Daily Disposables: Replaced everyday with new contacts Frequent Replacement Lenses: Replaced monthly or every few months Reusable or Traditional Lenses: Replaced every six months or more

Why Disposables are Different

Disposable contacts are made from materials that allow for higher oxygen permeability. This means more oxygen reaches the cornea which is healthier for the eye. There is reduced risk of such eye conditions as infections and corneal ulcers. Also, high oxygen permeability gives the contacts a longer life. The wearer does not have to worry about the build up of protein and other deposits. Disposable contacts can be prescribed for daily wear or extended wear.

Who can wear Disposables?

Most people can wear disposables; however, it is wise to consult with your optician to make sure you do not have a condition that can prevent you from wearing them. It often comes down to whether your prescription is suitable for disposables. There are a variety of disposables available for different replacement frequency schedules so most people can find disposables that fit their needs. There are even disposables for such conditions as astigmatism. If you want to change the color of your eye, you can get colored disposables.

Cost of Disposable Contacts

The cost of being fitted for disposables and acquiring a prescription is based on your optician’s fees. When it comes to the actual cost of the contacts, you can find cheap quality disposables online. There are online contact lens retailers that sell discounted contact lenses. You just need a prescription and you can search their contact lenses to find the disposables you need.

An examination of your eyes by your optician will allow you to determine if you can wear disposable contacts and the prescription you need. Your optician will also tell you what type of disposables are best for you. When you buy your disposables contact lens online, you will save money and get the disposables you need and want. Getting quality disposable contact lenses has never been easier. When buying contacts, consider the benefits of wearing disposable contact lenses.

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