Facts About An Ectopic Pregnancy – Know The Risks

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when an egg plants itself outside of the uterus. Ectopic by definition means out of place. In these type of pregnancies the planted egg is unable to develop because it has not been planted in the womb where the conditions are right for it to grow. The fetus or baby is not able to survive this type of a pregnancy.

There are several factors that can lead to tubal pregnancies. A pregnancy like this will occur because for some reason the fertilized egg has been slowed down or completely blocked from entering the uterus.

Blockage of the fallopian tubes is often part of the problem that prevents the egg from making it to the uterus. If one has scarring in the tubes or from other abdominal surgeries it may increase the odd of experiencing a tubal implantation. Infections that cause swelling of the fallopian tubes or abdominal have also proven to be troublesome and have been found in up to fifty percent of women with these pregnancies. Studies have linked smoking to ectopic pregnancies also.

Other factors that are related to these type of pregnancies are developmental defects in the fallopian tubes. Complications from ruptured appendix and pelvic surgeries that may cause scarring can attribute to tubal pregnancies. Women who suffer from endometriosis may also find that it is related to tubal pregnancies.

If one is over the age of thirty five, has had multiple sexual partners or is trying to conceive through IVF, these all have been shown to increase the odds of tubal pregnancies. So many things can be factors in ectopic pregnancies that it may be difficult to determine what exactly caused it.

Many women may not know they have a tubal implantation. The symptoms in the beginning are the same as those of a healthy pregnancy. Some of the symptoms include a missed menstrual cycle, fatigue and nausea.

Ectopic pregnancies will continue to grow and one will experience other symptoms. One may experience abdominal pain that increases with movement. If vaginal bleeding occurs it is important to seek medical attention.

The most common place for these pregnancies to happen is in the fallopian tubes. It is also called a tubal pregnancy. This is where the egg implants outside of the uterus about ninety five percent of the time. Other places the egg can implant other than the uterus can include the abdominal cavity, the ovary, and in the cervix.

If one has experienced a tubal implantation there are two types of treatments used. One option is surgery in the tube to remove the implantation. Surgery is usually preformed when the diagnosis is made further into the stages of development and the choice to use the chemical treatment can not be done for other reasons. Surgery is necessary in this case so that bleeding can be stopped and hopefully it will be possible help preserve a woman’s uterus and tubes. The second option is a chemical treatment with the drug methotrexate. This chemical works to dissolve the implantation and doesn’t cause harm or damage to a woman’s tubes or other organs. After the treatment has been done further hCG testing will be done to confirm that the pregnancy has been terminated.

Medical advancements also come with risk. The increased use of IVF treatments has also increased the number of ectopic pregnancies. Nevertheless, there have been serious advancements in the treatments available. Early treatment can help to prevent serious damaging effects of ectopic pregnancies.

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