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  1. crackwhen says:

    alot of people who lose a large amount of weight think that they have loose skin, when its fat; sure congrats on the weight loss but you havent reached the point where u have a flat stomach

  2. Ohmigodd Jenifer looks really pretty and better now im glad she’s healthy!

  3. sweeneyTgirl says:

    ahh me the same!! with out being able to excersize i run in huge circles in the backyard haha otherwise i just feel like my bones are crippling from no use ( sorry for my bad grammar )

  4. PiRocks777 says:

    ikr i wishh i wuz the kind of personn who just wudnt eat x) that wud make mi lyfe a lot better….

  5. peacenlove637 says:

    wtf is up with people and their damn ads in comments?

  6. hotnfithoney says:

    Burn That belly fat easily with our new Diet Supple ment which is all natural ingridegents, starts seeing results faster and easier ! Check out my profile for more info.

  7. Yeah, I think it has to with being really active. I also eat a lot too, but if I don’t go to the gym or get some sort of physical activity it drives me nuts.

  8. I think it’s interesting that some people eat a lot when they’re stressed, and some people don’t eat at all… unfortunately I’m in that 1st category… but I stay really active and am at a very healthy weight…

  9. it’s amazing that sarita is only 280…she looks like she’s 400

  10. OceanOfTwilight says:

    all these women are beautiful. fat or thin.

  11. littlemissschizo says:

    urgh… jennifer still looks disgusting. women are NOT supposed to have massive biceps.

  12. MelnaaPanteera says:

    happy , to hear , that someone is happy . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to hear that there are other people,too, who adore Dita ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. MelnaaPanteera says:

    she is fat … extremly fat …

  15. MelnaaPanteera says:

    i totaly agree to you .
    Dita is Dita , but she is … wannabie .

  16. thatgirlfit85 says:


  17. beccaRed11 says:

    im surprised ur not dead wiv ll this rubish ideas lol

  18. patrickbad says:

    I feel so happy for these people that took control of their lives. No matter how they did it, it is good to see they are starting to really live.

  19. raerae1281 says:

    Just wanted to say that I think you’re beautiful and congrats on your weight loss. I currently weigh 340 (I already lost 15 pounds, yay!) and I’m trying to diet while looking into a gastric band. You’re an inspiration to me.

  20. damn,this “lady” wants to be like dita van teese. but she failed! no one can ever be like dita!

  21. BriNCee92 says:

    obese people can go for months without food, i should know

  22. ravennablack says:

    Wow, a person who believes that Wife Swap presents an accurate depiction of people’s lives – I’m sorry, who’s the dumb one here?

    Yeah, my poor kids: I’m out pursuing the applause of my audience while they cry themselves to sleep…


    Everybody knows that “reality TV” is, uh…. not so real. Except for you, apparently!

  23. folsomgurl87 says:

    how many tv shows has this woman been on?!

  24. laurenmaryjane says:

    I went 75 days on only water

  25. mellamonfinda says:

    if the person was obese wouldn’t they be able to last 100 days?

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