Exploring Sober Living Asheville, North Carolina

The concept of sober living Asheville has taken many forms. One such form is drug and alcohol free housing. This housing is available to outpatient participants in rehab programs. These group homes offer a safe place to build a firm footing for those who wish to remain sober. It has been shown that living in a home where there is no support for staying clean is a main cause of relapse.

Sober living houses are not live in half-way houses that offer treatment. There is no program design that leads one through the traditional steps to sobriety. You may experience peer counseling from fellow residents but the main theme is being able to live in a house free of alcohol and drugs. Typical house rules may include continued sobriety and attendance at alcohol Anonymous meetings. These houses also are self supporting so they do not rely on public funding to operate.

On the other hand half way houses offer treatment and counseling along with food, housing and transportation to AA meetings and other appointments. Many medical insurance companies will pay the costs for these facilities. Unlike the group homes the patient cannot stay indefinitely but is restricted to thirty to ninety day treatment programs.

Alcoholics and addicts are generally found to be isolated from family and society. In a half way house they will be taught to live in the real world again. Simple things like making one’s own bed or eating on a regular schedule are taught. These lessons may seem simplistic to the average person but to many people in rehab they are foreign activities.

Many people include holistic healing as a part of their recovery. Holistic healing includes all aspects of the person who is being treated. They combine the treatment of physical addiction with social and mental aspects of life. When used along with the more commonly accepted practices this concept is useful for a lot of people.

Most alcoholics and addicts are surprised to find that their old friends who they had prior to sobering up do not want to associate with them when they return home. Counselors attribute this to the concept that the new found freedom that has been found makes them uneasy or may make them look at their own behaviors with new eyes. The truth is that you are not the same person and they don’t know how to act around you.

To stay with the program after you return home you will have to make many changes. You must adhere to the adage of “keep doing what you’re doing; keep getting what you’re getting”. You will need to find new activities, new hobbies, new friends and new places to go. Movies, volunteering, classes or reading can be a means to a drug and alcohol free life.

Sober living Asheville covers a variety of options to choose from. The programs that are offered give competent care and put forth the tools you will need to stay away from alcohol and drugs. The main tool they offer is change. If you cannot change you will find yourself falling back into the very situations that caused your problems to begin with.

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