Exercising for Weight Loss (Sex Health Guru)

Go from workout novice to health guru – fast! This video shows the basics, from burning calories to exercise that works. Fitness Videos on Sex HG: College.Healthguru.com

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  1. nathalypussy says:

    lickk my pusssy

  2. sharinganclan213 says:

    what stupid advice.

    btw, what are sex? o_0

  3. gtrfderty says:

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  4. wanna know what is my daily exercise ? 40 mins of sex everday. it works

  5. thefitathlete says:

    You gotta eat more than 2 times a day, unless they are huge meals. If you don’t your body will think that you are starving yourself and will slow your metabolism to maintain body function. You gotta eat to lose weight. My sister uses these workouts at vastmuscle (.com) and my family says she they can see a difference at our 4th of july bbq. Was thinking about joining myself.

  6. Akon – Cry out of Joy Michael Jackson Tribute ……………. watch?v=Twlcu5A2ktA

  7. that is right :p

  8. LoveandEqualityToAll says:

    i eat 2 times per day.

  9. BobMarleyLurks says:

    haha for real?

  10. danielkabuto says:


    true true

  11. DarkHero187 says:

    where the fuck is the sex part?

  12. DiorChica93 says:

    all these videos are pointless information people already know.

  13. Coleslayer9 says:

    well, looks like I gotta get back into arobics.

  14. pklouispk says:

    would u count freerunning as arobic

  15. better performance

  16. ncfwhitetigress says:

    A-hem! *whispers* stamina…

  17. WatchVenusSpa says:

    Getting in better shape improves your sex drive!

  18. mynameaborat993 says:

    What does this have to do with sex?

  19. lilygirlrules says:


  20. cherbear1001 says:

    exercise is the #1 way to feel better and the #1 treatment for depression 🙂

  21. Southpawuppercut says:


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