Exercises for Fat Loss or Muscle Building

Don’t waste your time doing these exercises. BodyPerformanceTV.com

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  1. dxvanedf3 says:


    become a beachbody coach!!

  2. SteroidsR4Faggots says:


    Watch my video for proof of Steve Turano admitting his on roids!

  3. The only thing the smith machine is good for is scrap metal. I would rather tell people to do DB squats than use that machine.

  4. KautiousKat says:

    I don’t know what you mean by “dieting”, but if you eat a well balanced diet of wholesome foods(without starvingg your body) you can gin muscle and in turn the muscle wll burn off the extra fat stores…

  5. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    No they’re not good. Squats. lunges, seated and lying leg curls are still the best. AFTER that it’s dieting and cardio to rid the legs of extra fat. Remember, you can’t tone fat!

  6. lovelypoetic says:

    But aren’t the abductor/adductor machines really good for toning the inner and outer thigh? I’ve been doing squats and lunges for years and definitely agree that they work the front and back of legs, but my trouble area has always been my inner thigh, so I turned to this machine. Plie squats seem to help with the inner thigh as well.

  7. WIGTRON5000 says:

    depends on your goals. if youre looking to train endurance, go for a moderate pace for a long period of time. for fat loss, youll need higher intensity

  8. squats and lunges? hell they arent easy, Steve, it kills LOL 😀 especially walking lunges and dumbbells and back barbell squats. Love ur vids! Ive been getting a lot of knew knowledge from you. Thanks a lot!

  9. chronicpayne91 says:

    depends on your goals if u want to lose fat and look thinner endurance running to bulk up not only lift heavy but do 50 yd dashes. Its body chemistry

  10. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Both are important. But easier and longer is sometimes easier.

  11. rungirl05 says:

    With cardio workouts–Does the intensity matter more of the duration? Both?

  12. trancedreamer says:

    i have never & will never be caught dead using the adductor & adductor. “shut the fck up & squat!!!”

  13. I agree with everything, but not using leg curl or extension machines. Those are a waste of time. He had it right with squats and lunges. Do those, nothing else matters when it comes to firming up the upper legs into the glutes.

  14. jungwon2006 says:

    god! i was wasting my time on those machines!!!!
    thank you so much!:D

  15. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    I assume you mean machines vs. free weights. Machines are a good way to start lifting because they are safer to use. But a person will receive faster results from free weights simply because they are harder to lift because there is no mechanical help. The greater difficutly causes the muscles to work harder offering greater results.

  16. i know its i weird question but i have been using stationary weights, and the odd time free weights. Is their a difference in the results i get between the two?

  17. forgot to mention about 1 scoop of protein (50) grams everyday.

  18. well i a normal workout after my weights is alot of wrestling and kickboxing. some calisthenics too push ups squats ect. do it all for about a hour and a half. pretty rigorous. and on a normal week i usually eat about 1-2 snacks or small meals through the day, and one big meal for dinner. im already pretty skinny for 6’1 still 176. but im going to try and fight at 155 or if i can start putting on weight 175. im trying for 155 first tho.

  19. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Then it time to start looking at the quantity and the quality of your foods. Most guys eat too much protein which can prevent weight loss. They also take in calories they forget about like beer! Write down what you eat for a week so you can determine how and what you’re eating. Then give me a shout and let me know what your cardio workouts are like.

  20. i guess lose weight.

  21. Howboutthinking says:

    With or without weight. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and bend your kness while keeping your back relatively straight. You want to bend your knees to 90 degrees and no more. Also dont let your knees go ahead of your toes. This will put a lot of strain on your knees. The position is rather awkward at first but just ask someone at the gym to give you a hand. Generally they are all nice guys even though they have very big muscles. Much love and its not a dumb question

  22. foxworthy21 says:

    I agree those two machines does nothing for your legs. Squats is and always will be the King or in this case for the ladies… Queen of exercises for the core of the body and legs.

  23. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Which do you want to do?

  24. i work out 2 times aday 5 days a week 1 hour of weights and 1 1/2 hrs of MMA/cardio workout and i cant seem to gain a pound or lose a pound iv been 176 for 2 months. and i weigh myself every friday in the morning at the gym on a empty stomach so i know food isnt changing it. any ideas for me to gain or lose weight.

  25. KittilUrsin says:

    u use to think that to until i tryed it. now i understand that musles actualy works as big stabilising rubberbands aloing the joint to releace. i never got flexible until i started training strenght in my legs no shitt.

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