Exercise and Sex

HA! Made you look!

I can just hear it now “GASP! I can’t believe he claimed that! What an unpleasant sell out!”

I just thought it would get a good giggle. Were you aware that truly lots of the old time writers whom we consider the Father’s of physical culture wrote sex manuals? It's true. They also wrote on just about every other subject there is as it regarded to health. Digestion, elimination, nourishment, cleanliness, housekeeping, emotional issues and physical training.

Part of that was just because it was their business to write these sorts of books. Another part is actually because they thought that all life is connected. A standard theme that we have here. Can’t separate the physical, emotional and spiritual. That could be a misnomer, you can learn emotionally, physically and spiritually without having any physical connection to it, but nothing operates really independent. And for the best expression of any area of life, you have to have the greatest development in all areas.

Does exercise help sex? Sure in the same way that it helps everything else in your life. Just look at the movement of the kettlebell swings. Greater staying power, greater physical ability to operate correctly , better circulation, better mental clarity, bigger hormonal response, bigger knowledge of your own body, but what area of life would these benefits NOT carryover to? I cannot think about any.

So now that we’ve had our small giggle, let’s ask two questions. Did you do your workout today? Did you do something to make you stronger? Did you do something to better your endurance? Did you kiss your wife? Did you tell your kid you love them? Did you pray? Did you work? Did you talk to friends or family? Did you improve your brain? Did you’re employed toward a goal? All of these are questions we should be thinking to ourselves each day.

Bud Jeffries is a world renown strong man that writes on many issues including strongman training and bodyweight conditioning.

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