Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a normal and healthy thing. It's usual to sweat particularly if you are experiencing warm weather, have been exercising, are experiencing mental stress or anxiety. All of the above reasons excuse your sweating up to a certain limit. Scientists say that we might lose rather a lot of fluid when one tiny sweat gland attempts to cool our body up to one degree Fahrenheit by cooling one liter blood.

For the majority of the people sweating is nothing except a minor irritant thanks to the stains it leaves on the dress and the odour. However , for some sweating may not be such an insignificant problem. This is applicable to folks who face the problem of excessive sweating particularly on body parts like the friends, armpits and the excessive sweating of the head and hair.

Folks with the problem of excessive sweating face embarrassment in their daily working of life. Those with excessive sweating in their armpits and excessive sweating of the head and hair, also people who have the issue of excessive sweating of palms can't move around as ordinary people can.

However , sweating is a complicated phenomenon, any disequilibrium in the body of hormones or health will cause excessive sweating. There are 4 real reasons identified as the reasons for excessive sweating. Those being :-


A serious health problem


Coming to adulthood (adolesence) or hormone imbalance.

Obesity is today becoming one of the major factors, causing folks to sweat unduly. The metabolic activity of fat people causes them to sweat profusely.

If you're a normal person and have started excessive sweating off late, it'd be better not to ignore it. Swift physical check-up should be done so that you can treat the difficulty in time.

Menopause is yet another example where you might start sweating intolerably. The hormone issues causes it so it is periodic and not an everlasting phenomenon.

Adolesence can also cause ceaseless sweating in the case of children growing up. This occurs at the age of approximately 13-14 when the hormones are playing a major role in the development.

What are the emotional consequences of excessive sweating on somebody? Excessive sweating causes humiliation to people suffering from it. An individual who has excessive sweating on palms might feel it awkward and shaming to shake hands with folks because his palms are always wet.

Somebody who has excessive sweating in the armpits will find it humbling when the sweat leaves stains on his dress and even while going near someone due to the odor.

An individual who has excessive sweating of the head and hair has to face the most humiliation. Since the individual subjected to excessive sweating of the head and hair will have sweat dripping all over his head and hair. This could make his hair continually wet and oily. This person subjected to excessive sweating of the head and hair will find more mud and dirt in his hair than ever before. This will lead on to freakish baldness which will complicate the situation even more.

Excessive sweating of the head and hair will also make a person’s life miserable. He'll have to cope with sweat dripping on both the sides of his face making him look rough all of the time. And the skin where the sweat accumulates will be influenced adversely.

Another problem with folk suffering from excessive sweating is constant feeling of exhaustion. This happens because the fluids within the body of this person will get exhausted all the time.

So to treat the difficulty of excessive sweating people have to consult doctors or dermatologists dependent on the diagnosis and the reason they sweat so copiously.

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