Evolving Visions From Evolve Life Coaching

I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “You bet. This year I’m going to shake it up, meet all my goals and make IT happen! Weight loss, new found financial success and happiness are mine!”

You wouldn’t be the only one to get excited by saying or reading those words…. I can even feel my own dreams start to bubble up underneath the surface. It’s exciting to trust yourself with a empowered sense of conviction is it not? To be so proud of things not yet even accomplished?

This create your reality puzzle is made up more than just a “decision”. Let’s take a look at your VISION! It’s time to expand and evolve this vision like never before, because as you evolve your vision you evolve yourself. There is nothing greater than this.

Some people have shared with me they haven’t liked developing visions for the companies they work for. Long meetings, big banner paper and a marker, trying to choke out the vision for the company as they see it. It’s like pulling teeth, and they were just going along with the exercise.

Some people have a hard time thinking about “vision” even in their personal lives. Creating a vision can feel scary and too big, especially given that states of self-esteem can flux. But when you consider the fact that “your vision” can begin with a tiny inkling of a desire, dream, or maybe just a gnawing feeling that something is missing – the idea of evolving a vision for your life may not feel so daunting.

So… you might begin with a simple question. “What kind of person to I need to be to hold a vision for myself?” “Am I worthy of a big life vision?” I hope you answer that question with a resounding YES! You are worthy of greatness, and your vision and purpose for life is nothing less than this. It’s time to believe in yourself in a big way. You will be happy and more successful if that is the case.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I longing for?” This is a powerful question and hidden in the answer is the key to the bigger dream, purpose and vision for your life. To evolve your vision you must lean yourself in the direction of this expansion!

So, are you honoring your biggest vision for your life? Are you lining yourself up in mind, body and spirit with that bigger purpose? This is your work.

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