Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day.

Weddings on a budget do not necessarily have to be all about cutting corners and compromising on your dreams. There are several potentially expensive components to a wedding. The key is to work out what really matters to you and prioritise.

Organizing a wedding on a budget does not mean compromise and austerity. The reality is, although most services employed for weddings are costly, you may not necessarily want or need to have everything. You can make a list and order it in terms of priority.

Often when we realise we are not going to have a lot of money for a wedding, we prepare ourselves for cutting corners and comprising. This does not have to be the case. Just work out what is really important to you, put that at the top of your list, and work down.

Think of the last wedding cake you tasted. Was it the centre of the day? Probably not. Unless you really have at thing for wedding cakes, why not get a cheap one dress it up with flowers and then spend the money you saved on ensuring your wedding food is top quality.

Hopefully you will achieve a balance in this. A trick is to decide on what is not so important to you, and would not necessarily be worth the cost, and see if you can find friends to fill in. Most people love helping out at weddings. Perhaps your mother and sister would love nothing more than to spend time on your DIY wedding invites, or maybe you have a friend who loves to video.

So work out what matters to you, and stick to you. Try not to be swayed by everyone else’s opinion. Work out what you want to remember from the day. Is your money best invested in memories, or the moment itself? Everyone is different. For the aspects of the wedding that you are not so particular about, you can always enlist the help of friends and family who are usually more than willing to be involved. Your sister may relish doing your DIY wedding invites for you! Or you might have a friend who will make 100 cupcakes instead of having a cake.

Create your own diy wedding invites and add a personal touch when inviting your nearest and deareast.

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