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  1. Varceo1137 says:

    so is fish oil bad since it has soy

  2. Varceo1137 says:

    aint no doctor going to help you just buy the anti estrogen book by igor

  3. NorthCentralMass says:


  4. anyone with issues like this,go see a doc.any natural bs aint gonna work.and if no health insurance is avail,get a job or get it through companies that offer it.

  5. lukemc1878 says:

    lol men becoming women. It is possible because female hormones in some situations can dominate the male hormones and that is so worrying

  6. lukemc1878 says:

    correction on the btw now chunky and the manboobs arnt there yet thank gos i waqs ment to say was

    btw im not chunky and the manboobs are slightly coming for some odd reason either that of my nipple area is getting some muscle lmao

  7. lukemc1878 says:

    oh and i have been doing this for roughly 2 years now and if anyone has advice just lemmie know and im quite slim btw now chunky and the manboobs arnt there yet thank got

  8. lukemc1878 says:

    i regurly go down to my local astro turf and play football/soccer and every month or so i go on the scales and i always weigh 10 st 7lbs and that is wierd because i am on a diet where i eat normally.

    i have whole grain for breakfast for lunch i have chicken noodles in a plastic bowl (i know its bad but hey i cant put a diferent one in my microwave) and when i have my tea i have a meat dinner to raise my protien levels and carbs and all that plus im getting curves which is worrying :S

  9. LMAO!!!

  10. SugarMagnolia20 says:

    Ya’ll need to stop whining… The average man has 20x more testosterone than a woman. When I am about to have my period and my estrogen drops a tiny bit, I feel like I have super powers during my workouts.

  11. schwarzwindDarken says:

    I am sure i have estrogen issues. Ive been looking to 13 in the last 10 years.

    I Have lost llot of weight but i am loosing muscle mass and i am starting to gain Fat and cant loose weight anymore.

    Ive been eating accordingly to my MT, and I have no sexual libido.
    I have eliminated Plastics, Microwave, Teflon, and any kind of non natural food.
    Im tired of not getting any results. I need to know what I can take sean, i cant live like this. I read something about Tribulus and chrysin.

  12. NickolasDarling says:

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  13. chickens aren’t given hormones anymore right?

  14. NickolasDarling says:

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  15. Armornone says:

    plastic surgery

  16. You are well informed and very educated, regardless of college or whatever, it’s clear to see your insight my friend. I have to say, as a black man myself it is inspiring to know that you are doing your thing and are one of the more knowledgeable trainers I’ve seen.

  17. Nimbostratus1111 says:

    This information in this video is very accurate. In addition, men over the age of 60 will typically have estrogen levels higher than their wives. Conversely…post menapausal women will typically have higer testosterone levels than their husbands. Women literally become men and men become women. Men will become more passive and the women will become more dominant in relationships because of this hormonal shift. Low testosterone also seriously affects LDL/HDL/CHOL/TRIG lipid levels in men.

  18. Sean, you’re making me get adrenal fatigue because I started to stress about everything I eat! lol. On the positive side, I’ll stop using plastic things when I microwave completely, even though I mostly used plates so far too. It’s really hard to have a good diet when nobody in the family is listening to you and you don’t have enough money to buy your own food exclusively. Still, most people are so bad with their diet, I eat amazingly compared to them.

  19. filmtress says:

    If you’re really sorry, go remove the comment. It would be offensive to anyone of us. Even non-black people too. (you’re a jerk).

  20. filmtress says:

    Yes, tell your doctor you want the tests and he’ll/she’ll order them for you. You visit the lab. But You can’t eat anything on the morning of the test (which will probably be scheduled on another day). You can do it!

  21. how would you get tested for testosterone or estrogen levels? Would you just do blood tests?

  22. blablasometin8 says:

    testosterone increases our sex drive. yes!

  23. stevenknaus says:

    I know a growing number of people are using stainless steel water bottles. I use a stainless steel thermos which on a hot day will keep your water cold. I also use glass wire top grolsch bottles. I got my grolsch bottles from a recycling depot.

  24. BadassMMA says:

    I have read the the vegetable cauliflower lowers the estrogen but probably many greens is good to keep the estrogen levels done. I have never checked my hormone levels. I want to do it some day. About the meat. If I could I mean if there were a store with organic meat Etc were I live I would buy as much organic food as I could.

  25. BadassMMA says:

    So what´s the alternative to plastic bottles?
    When I went to school over the summer in San Diego I drank water from at least two plastic bottles a day.

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