Essential Information About Cataract Surgery Orange County Residents Need To Know

Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure performed to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial one. It is performed by an ophthalmologist on an outpatient basis. It is a common and generally a safe procedure. Cataracts cause blurry vision and increase glare from lights. After cataract surgery Orange county residents perform their duties with much ease.

Most people complain of poor night vision, impaired vision which is mainly blurred, faded colors, glare and inability to stay for a long time with the same glasses or contact lenses. However, some of these symptoms may precede certain eye conditions and not necessarily cataracts and therefore consulting a medical expert is important to establish the correct disease. There are certain eye exams that are used to establish the underlying cause.

When signs of cataracts are noticed, most people seek medical assistance and are given eye glasses, magnifying glasses and anti-glare glasses. The surgery is only recommended when these measures are not able to address the problem. The individual is briefed concerning the process, potential risks and their suitability evaluated. Failure to administer the operation in good time may lead to further complications.

There are certain things that have to be performed before the operation. To make the procedure more successful a number of tests are performed to determine all the details regarding the condition of the patient. In this diagnostic stage the patient is investigate for any risk factors. Some other specialized tests are performed to get the measurements needed in the selection of the lens to be inserted.

This is one of the quickest forms of surgical procedures. They have a short recovery period with most people being able to return to their daily routine in about 24 hours after the operation. The operation lasts for about thirty to forty minutes and vision is restored almost immediately. For those patients with cataracts in both eyes the surgery is usually performed in two separate occasions.

The procedures used today mainly rely on ultrasound at high frequencies to destroy the cataracts before they are gently using special suction mechanisms. A common surgical procedure is known as phacoemulsification in which doctors make small incisions. This method is particularly preferred because of the few side effects associated with it and the short recovery period involved.

Surgeries are usually associated with various risks. Similarly, there are a few ones caused by this operation. These risks are common in children and those individuals with certain medical conditions. These include advanced cases of myopia and glaucoma, diabetic neuropathy and previous usage of particular medications. Common cases are infections, injuries, inflammations and retinal detachment.

Cataract surgery Orange county residents have access to highly equipped facilities that offer these services. They are highly encouraged to be very careful during the recovery session. Lifting heavy items and any strenuous work is likely to strain the muscles of the eye causing further complications. Water and other contaminants such as dust and grime may cause serious infections.

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