Essential Facts For Those Searching For A Christian Healing Ministry

Numerous Christians are of the opinion that those with stalwart faith can receive healing from mental or physical maladies. For this reason, many individuals avail themselves of the help of a Christian healing ministry, or visit such an organization to receive prayer. Numerous men and women over the years have reported being healed from a vast array of illnesses, such as heart problems, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Many Christians believe that all types of miracles are available as they call on the name of Jesus. Indeed, there is a vast array of Scriptures in the New Testament to back up this belief. The latter stems from the fact that when Jesus died on the cross to save the human race from its sins, he also took the infirmities and diseases at that time, and bore them as well. This is obvious in Scriptures such as Matthew 8:16, where the author refers to the fulfillment of Isaiah 53: 4-12, which states that Jesus Christ bore all such maladies on the cross.

In additional Scriptures, including James 5:14, it states that through the laying on of hands miracles occur and people are set free from illnesses and afflictions. No chapter or verse in the New Testament indicates that anyone was ever denied healing if they had faith and believed in God. Particularly the texts of Mark 11:23 and Matthew 21:21 make this very clear.

Most people would agree that miracles happen in the supernatural realm. Therefore, most healing ministries instruct people to refrain from limiting God based on their present circumstances. Instead, they are told to believe God that the miracle will come, and if they expect it to happen, it will.

Individuals who believe in this doctrine claim that miracles are not a thing of the past. This belief comes from yet another Scripture that concerns healing, which states that Jesus Christ will never change, as stated in Hebrews 13:8. This being the case, He will still do the miracles today that he did in centuries past. This can be confirmed in the book of Acts, chapter ten, verse thirty-eight, which states that Jesus traveled from place to place and healed everyone who was oppressed by the powers of the devil. Many Christians believe that such miracles can also occur in today’s modern world.

Because one’s level of faith seriously influences his or her recovery, it is essential for people to refuse to allow unbelievers and naysayers to talk them out of their healing. Many believers state that God only heals certain individuals and not others. However, this way of thinking overlooks another primary Scripture found in the book of Acts, chapter ten, verse thirty-four. This verse tells us that God is not a “respecter of persons”. In contemporary language, this means that he will not withhold a benefit from one person while bestowing it on another. Rather the miracle depends on the person’s individual faith in the word of God.

It is also imperative that one realize money is not a factor regarding miracles. In fact, a sorcerer named Simon in the eighth chapter of ACTS, verse twenty, was severely rebuked for trying to buy the gift of God with money. Sending money to a certain ministry has nothing to do with receiving a miracle.

When looking for a Christian healing ministry, a person should search for a center or church where the members believe that healing is for every person. The individual should also make every attempt to increase his or her faith, and tune out the skeptics. Numerous individuals have received miracles from God, which is what the sick or injured person should concentrate on when waiting to be healed.

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