Especially for Women- Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is Bioidentical?

Bioidentical is a compound word that means: bio is defined as life; living organism and identical is alike in every way; the same. Put the two together and it means anything that is composed of the same type of substance of a living organism. The usage of the word bioidentical in this modern day is in reference to a natural hormone that has the identical cellular structure of the human body.

The popular thinking nowadays is that synthetic hormones are used because a human body is unable to create the hormones it needs from natural sources. Bioidentical natural hormone replacement is hardly known about today because of this. Truth be known, women has lived from generation to generation without synthetics and using only natural remedies.

Should Hormones Be Replaced?

Food, vitamins and water that is given to the human body is changed to chemical compositions which are called hormones. Hormones are carried by the blood to other areas of the body where they are used for various functions such as the tone of your muscles, levels of energy, etc.

After turning 35 years old, the production of hormones lessens each year. There are nearly 40 different hormones that are produced and utilized for different functions in the human body.

Should you suffer on through without enough hormones during the pre-menopause and menopause years? The symptoms that appear during the decrease of reproductive capacity can last almost three decades. Progesterone is the first hormone to diminish starting 15 years before menopause and is marked with symptoms like irritability and anxiousness. The hormone that is next to follow in lessened amounts is estrogen which is marked by hot flashes and vaginal dryness that can last three years or more. The next hormone that gradually reduces is testosterone which is the one that gives you strength, muscle tone and your sex drive.

Should we be without these hormones? Absolutely NOT!!

Is cancer related to hormones?

To answer this question, it is beneficial to understand a bit more about estrogen. In the female human body there are 3 different kinds of estrogens that occur naturally. They are called Estrone, Estriol and Estradiol. Of the three only one is clot forming and the one that stimulates breasts and creates cancer and it is Estrone. The synthetic estrogens that are used in this day, do not have Estriol, the most protective anti-cancer estrogen. The synthetic horse estrogens contain over a third of equine estrogens which are not compatible at all to a human female.

The main ingredients used in bioidentical hormones are made from either soy or yam, then altered naturally in a lab to match human hormones exactly. The synthetic progesterone is made from the urine of horses and the prescription is for a daily dose, while the body only naturally makes progesterone only 15 days each month. Synthetic progesterone creates side effects such as retaining water, gaining weight, produces migraine headaches, raises the bad cholesterol and other body situations.

Bioidentical progesterone gives improved mood, less irritability, less bloating, a relief from hot flashes, plus a decrease of other symptoms such as digestive problems, flatulence, and loss of memory. Bioidentical progesterone also reduces breast tenderness and reduces vaginal bleeding.

To conclude, synthetic progesterone has adverse affects on the female body creating other problems. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy naturally brings a balance once again to the hormonal production which creates a higher quality life with happiness with improved cancer, brain and bone protection.

Why is there a higher risk of cancer problems during menopause?

During menopause, the cancer protective hormone, progesterone, drops while the cancer causing hormone estrone rises. Replacing hormones naturally with bioidentical hormones in women brings about the balance once again. Doing so creates a better quality of life that can be enjoyed, one that a women is happy, strong and vibrant.

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