Enjoying the Benefits of Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic vegetable gardening was once unusual, but today it’s becoming quite mainstream. Many people don’t get enough vegetables in their diet, and what better way to remedy this than starting your own vegetable garden? Having your own garden allows you to enjoy the most tasty and nutritious foods without having to pay the high prices you’d find in health food stores or supermarkets. Your organic vegetable garden will be healthy and bountiful if you adhere to the following recommendations.

If you’re going to have an organic vegetable garden, you must plant seeds from organically grown plants. Since contaminants such as pesticides are passed down into seeds, you can’t start an organic garden using seeds from vegetables that were sprayed. If you’re looking for seeds that are organic, you can find them easily enough if you do an online search. You should also check in your local nursery or even large box stores, as many of these now carry organic seeds as well. When you buy organic seeds, you can be sure that they were harvested from plants that weren’t sprayed with chemical pesticides and not genetically modified.

You might want to use a raised bed style of gardening for your organic vegetable garden. This is a structure, usually made of stone or wood that you use for your garden. This type of gardening comes with a lot of advantages not the least of which is higher quality soil than you will find in your yard. These sorts of gardens are fantastic for beginners but even experienced gardeners sometimes prefer them. It’s much easier to maintain control over raised bed gardens because the garden is kept in one place. They drain far more efficiently which means that they warm up a lot faster and that means that you can plant earlier on. Not only is it easier to keep the weeds out of these gardens, they require a lot less maintenance than your typical gardens.

One of the main reasons that organic vegetable gardening is so appealing to people today is that it’s a way to eat a healthier diet.

The problem with many store bought vegetables is that you have no way of knowing what kind of chemicals and pesticides may have been used in growing them. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms are another concern many people have about modern food as well. The real issue is that most of the vegetables you buy at the store come from sources that are unknown to you. When you grow vegetables yourself, you can be familiar with every aspect of the growing process. Produce at the supermarket may come from the other side of the world, using up lots of energy, which is one reason why an organic garden is better for the environment.

There are a number of distinct advantages to having an organic vegetable garden. It’s healthier, less costly and better for the environment to grow your own organic vegetables. While there’s a great deal to learn about gardening, you don’t have to know that much to start enjoying your own vegetables. You are, after all, only helping along a process that’s completely natural.

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