Elliptical Machine Assembly Guidelines – Learn to Assemble An Elliptical Machine

One thing you may not have noticed after you bought an elliptical trainer is that you still need to assemble it. Some stores give an in-home assembly manual for an additional charge, but in most circumstances, it is just between you and nuts and bolts.

You don’t have to get stressed if you know how to use a screw driver. The hard part is just carrying the box from the front porch to where you will assemble it. Keep in mind, the heavier the elliptical trainer, the better it will be.

Many people grumble regarding several equipment being extremely heavy and the poor experience that they had on relocating them. This isn’t a legitimate problem because the excess weight is what you have to be expecting in a long lasting equipment. Make sure that you have somebody to assist you.

Be ready in case there are several unexpected situations.

Typically, assembling your new trainer should be successful without any problem. In case you are confronted with missing components or damaged parts, you should contact the shipping company right away. In this way, you can return the product and request for a new one.

The majority of high-end elliptical trainers are delivered within a wooden box around the elements of the equipment. You have to unbolt it to obtain the components. You will have the required tools for this.

As mentioned, contact the manufacturer if there are things missing. On the other hand, for the time being, a little improvisation will help. You may possess the same parts inside your workshop or obtain them at your local hardware store. Just be sure that the replacement parts that you are getting are the same. Moreover, remember that you will void the warranty of the product if you use those parts. So make sure to get replacements and set them once they arrive.

If the product shipped with no manual or assemble guides, you may download them through the manufacturer’s site.

Suitable tools to do the job

The majority of elliptical machines, regardless of the cost, include the needed tools for the assembly. Example is the hex wrench. Sometimes, the ratchet set is very helpful to tighten the bolts and nuts.

Ask for support

As said before, getting some help from a person is advisable. The heaviest part is the drive assembly. It is because it has the flywheel. This also is dependent upon the style of the item. It might be necessary to have somebody together with you to hold the drive assembly whilst the other joins it to your frame.

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