Elementary School Science Projects That the Students Will Really Like

A close personal buddy of mine teaches 5th grade science at a neighborhood grammar school. Among the points that he really focuses on is attempting to keep the children very interested in science. He knows that going over theory will probably bore the kids and he definitely doesn’t wish to make the children detest science by any means. He would rather demonstrate how science has functional applications and he sees that the children enjoy things that are fun and exciting to look at and they also love to really get involved in the experiments. So to put together additional ideas he is continually looking into ideas for science lesson plans for elementary school students.

Every year the kids in his school take part in a science fair and he tries to give his students a number of interesting options to choose from. There are countless science projects for 5th graders and he attempts to help the kids develop ideas that will be fun for them but also simple enough to perform in a reasonable period of time. If the kids have the ability to finish the project and do something they are pleased with they are going to enjoy science and not be fearful of it or bored by it.

In addition to the science fair on the list of things my friend likes to do is come up with a project that the entire class will be able to work on as a team. He thinks that team building activities for students are very important and he is not just teaching them about science but additionally about how to work well with other people, conflict resolution and how a team of individuals working together can accomplish more than a lot of individuals working independently.

One of the most popular projects he has worked on with his students is often a classic, the volcano. This project has lots of elements that the kids enjoy. It is very hands on and the children are involved in every aspect of the actual building of the volcano as well as its eruption. Another project that kids have really enjoyed in the past was building a model of the solar system which was displayed throughout the entire class with the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and all of the other planets at various points inside class room. Last year the kids even raised some steelhead trout in the classroom and then later released them into a nearby creek.

He spends a great deal of time researching various ideas and coming up with a lot of ideas of his own because he really believes that making science fun and exciting is the ultimate way to keep youngsters interested and he hopes that his students will in fact pursue a career in the science field.

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