Electronic Cigarette Smoking-Government vs. Manufacturers

Governments have a unanimous stand against smoking. That stand is very solid that they even put it on the label of each cigarette package. It retained its perception with regards to electronic cigarettes. These e-cigs do not have any approval from the government. However, the latest type of cigars are not yet studied by authorities. Thus, more and more patrons flock to the Internet or mall to purchase them. The result? Increasing sales that makes the manufacturers happy and satisfied. As of now, there are no issuance from the government to ban e-cigars in places where it usually prohibits the traditional cigarettes since it does not produce any smoke.

According to electronic cigarette reviews, that is the main reason why smokers can do whatever they like wherever they go including airports, restaurants, and workplaces. The anti-smoking groups and medical authorities continue to support the government stand on the matter. They keep on seeking further clinical studies to further investigate the electronic cigarettes. Until now, no proven test has been conducted, thus, all safety claims are just mere rumors.

From 2006 up to present, electronic cigarettes continue to attract millions of patrons all throughout the world. Most of them are traditional smokers that switched to e cigarette. Just like a normal cigarette, the “safe cigar” has the similar feeling since it has the same appearance and taste. The difference, lies on the negative effects of typical cigarette smoking: cancer, respiratory and cardiac system diseases, ignition, and tar. This is the result of various studies conducted using new technology and unique materials just to reduce the nicotine and tar levels. Some electronic cigarette reviews compared this to older types of cigars and they concluded that electronic cigarette is more fitting for the term “safe cigarette.”

It is no doubt that the new innovation received a lot of praises from several electronic cigarette reviews. Looks like the industry really find a way to make it more appealing to the public and they succeed. In addition, this latest alternative not only produce a virtual smoke, through the use of vapor mist, it also adopts the temperature (around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius) of the typical cigarette. This has a psychological effect to the smoker, less the risks of inhaling hazardous substances that may lead to dreadful diseases like cancer. Ingredients like hydragyrum, lead, acrolein, hydrocyanic acid, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide are not added in e-cigars.

At first, the public did not embrace the new innovation produced by cigarettes manufacturers. However, as time goes by, they accepted it with open arms with the approval of some medical associations. The main manufacturers of the electronic cigarettes are US and China but are widely distributed in Europe. Most of the current users did not believe the effects of e-cigs until they tried it, just like the old saying “to see is to believe.” Even though the government may be against cigars, they can’t help but allow these manufacturers to continue their operations. In the end, the big companies garner more supporters.

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