Effective Ways Of Burning Off Body Fat, Not Muscle

There is one very curious and interesting aspect about how to burn fat and not muscle, and it involves how the body responds to certain things. For example, some people think they have to get rid of all dietary fat intake, and so they eat nothing but very lean and fat free foods. All of a sudden the amount of fat they eat drops.

Those who are really wanting to lose some fat can do one of the best proven exercise techniques of interval training. There are various exercises that can be used in order to do this. Just to give some examples of the most popular ones, you could use a stationary or real bike, a jump rope or a treadmill. Fat loss can and will be achieved when doing cardio exercises like long distance running. But long distance approaches won’t be best for you if you want to be most effective. We’re making the distinction of how to lose fat the ‘most effective’ way. The effects of diets like starvation diets and no fat diets are well known by most. A small number of misinformed people believe that fats shouldn’t been in their diets at all. When going down this route you will probably not lose any fat. The body is smart and it’ll realize that there’s no more fat intake, so it’ll start to conserve fat. So the body must believe that its fat isn’t needed, which is part of the trick here. It is much like the opposite effect of the starvation mechanism. The fat won’t be conserved once the body has decided that it isn’t needed. Instead, your body will begin to burn fat and not muscle.

Cutting out high fat content foods is something a lot of people do as they think they need to. We agree to fat intake up to a point, as you can’t do the opposite and eat lots of fatty foods. But what you want to do is cut down on the high fat food rather than completely wipe it out of your diet. The reason has to do with the starvation principle. When you refuse your body of something it needs, it will store it and only use it slowly or not use it all. Totally eliminating all fats from your diet will make your body conserve and store fat even more.

So if you do eat quickly you will throw everything off track, resulting in you eating for much longer than you need to. You can reduce the chance of getting indigestion by chewing your food thoroughly. Plus, your saliva contains enzymes, which will have more time to start the process of digestion, before the food reaches the stomach.

We’ve seen various ways of maintaining lean muscle mass whilst burning off fat with some scientific and common sense approaches. All of this “stuff” works very well, and so just learn and employ a little common sense with what you do.

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