Effective Means Of Protection During Night Shifts At Work

I work on twelve-hour shifts at least three times weekly. I understand exactly how challenging it is to travel around on your own in the evening here in Las Vegas. I commonly come across suspicious-looking or drunken males, and also possible perverted people or psychopaths.

I asked a friend how she taken care of danger whenever she traveled in the evening. She encouraged that I utilize a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight just like hers.

Louise said to me she at one time made use of this kind of high voltage stun gun, the model which releases millions of volts, on someone waiting for the very same bus. She pulled this on the pervert soon after he put his hands on her chest.

He quickly got down his knees, as powerful electrical shock ran through his body in order to produce quick incapacitation. The pervert didn’t have any opportunity whatsoever to get back. It also works as a flashlight stun device, which Louse has found handy in the evening along narrow alleyways. The light even more enhances your own aim on the assailant.

This small stun gadget requires a preliminary four-hour charging time. Later on, it is going to need just 2 hours of recharging.

Our building security guard, Pedro, has a stun gun also. He informed me that the most effective method to use one is to touch an opponent on the neck, shoulder, abdomen or groin. He added that a half-second use could lead to some degree of pain. By a second or two, the opponent would experience muscle spasms and confusion.

In Louise’s experience, she used her own for 3 to 5 seconds through the half-inch thickness of clothing the bus stop assailant was donning. Pedro stated this would be long enough to cause a loss of balance and muscle control, and confusion.

I had been hesitant at first to use the Stun Master flashlight stun gun, however , Pedro assured me that stun guns are non-lethal. The electrical charge would not get back to me in case the aggressor touched me. Thus, I made a decision it was about time to have one for my own safety.

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