Effective Leadership: A 22 Question Leadership Test

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wood

There’s a big difference between just being a team leader, and leading so that individuals will voluntarily want to follow you. The real leadership test is influence. For instance, what if you were employed with a volunteer organization, and your employees’ livelihoods, incentives and benefits weren’t based on whether or not they did what you asked? Would they nonetheless do as you say? Do you think they praise, respect and trust you as a role model, coach and team leader?

Leadership Test: Below are 22 questions to ask yourself regarding how you are performing as a leader. Do you show honesty, credibility and competence? You may also want to pass this leadership assessment on to your team. How well are they performing compared with other team members? Consider using this leadership test in performance evaluations and for discussions in meetings.

1. As a team leader, how do I show that I am honest? Do I do what I say I’m going to do?

2. Do I make competence, character and credibility priorities? How?

3. Do I listen properly to other people with an open mind even when I may disagree?

4. How do I show honest yet sensible communication with team members?

5. Do I demonstrate good people skills, or effective leadership skills with my team?

6. How am I thoughtful and considerate of others in the department?

7. How do I demonstrate my vision and the organization’s vision in a way that other people obviously can understand?

8. Do workers see how this eyesight applies to them and also to the large image?

9. Do I comprehend my own objectives and how they tie in with organizational goals?

10. Would be the company objectives and my individual goals particular, measurable and in writing?

11. How do I take duty for my personal job?

12. Am I proactive in taking on or searching for additional duty?

13. How do I tactfully suggest much better ways of doing things?

14. How do I offer ideas for enhancement without putting others on the defensive?

15. Do I show up on time for work and begin work immediately in a way that contributes to the team?

16. Am I alert and “mentally” present for work?

17. How do I work to promote better morale with my team and other divisions?

18. How would I grade the overall quality of my work?

19. Do I finish assignments on time and without being negative?

20. How do I put on my best in producing a product or service by whichothers can take pride?

21. Have I obtained leadership training in the region of conflict resolution?

22. Am I open to leadership training in the areas of personal and professional improvement? If I have received this sort of training, am I using the abilities learned?

Go back and reread the first five questions of this leadership test. As a team leader or manager, how are you demonstrating character, honesty, and credibility? I have found that in doing leadership training globally, they are crucial characteristics workers want to see for them to voluntarily Want to follow their leader. Were you able to answer “yes” to most of the questions? How would other team leaders in your organization score?

Remember, if individuals recognize they can trust you, they will follow you.

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy.” General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

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