Effective And Natural Supplements That Help You Lose Weight

Because both children and adults continue to wage a losing battle against obesity and excessive weight, the impact to health and longevity is starting to take its toll. Lack of exercise, dietary excess and stress are conducive to increasing levels of the main killers.

Diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart stroke account for over 60% of deaths on an annual basis. Kids and teens are the fastest growing segment of this epidemic because they are increasingly raised on a processed diet of sugar, trans fats and refined carbohydrates which have no essential nutrients and are linked to disease once consumed for prolonged periods of time.

In recent years targeted supplementation has been shown to be quite effective as a compliment to a healthy diet and could fuel weight loss through unique metabolic mechanisms.

– Green tea supplements

Green tea has a benefit of modifying the insulin effect which determines if carbohydrate calories are stored as fat or burned for fuel. This is quite important for diabetics because the disorder is characterized by improper uptake of glucose by the cells and insulin resistance.

Green tea is considered to be quite helpful in weight loss when it is combined with a regular fitness program and a diet which restricts refined carbohydrates and over-processed foods in favor of different seeds, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats and many others.

– Resveratrol supplements

In fact, calorie restriction ois considered to be quite effective means to stretch lifespan in animals as well as could be resulted in healthy weight loss as a result. By reducing calorie intake by 25%, certain genetic survival mechanisms are triggering in the human body. A certain group of genes is quite sensitive to how much food we are eating as well as can speed up or slow down the longevity genetics to guarantee reproduction during times of famine.

Today the majority of people consume enough calories in order to prevent genes from activating, however, studies are showing that we can imitate calorie restriction by consuming a grape skin extract. It works much better as an addition to continued weight loss after calorie intake has been decreased because it is able to activate the genes to fuel fat metabolism.

– Fish oil supplement

Omega 3 acid from fish and fish oil has been proved to support both brain and heart health and now natural weight loss could be added to the impressive list of benefits of fish oil. One of the components of fish oil which is called DHA is used by the human body in order to build the outer layer of each cell and when thus fat is available from the diet or supplementation, it is able to create a healthy cell wall which allows the proper influx of oxygen and nutrients.

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