Easy Steps To Increasing Traffic To Your Website

For some time now, I have been using several key strategies to keep readers more engaged to my blog. I have tried to find ways to engage them by using several strategies and concepts now that includes re-designing my blog(s) as well as adding flavor to it tried my hands on a couple of list building strategies; I have come up with several ways to build my list.

Responding to questions,keeping track of clients but everyone these days seems to be talking about how to get more traffic.

Just use these simple steps in doing so

Using these steps to getting my traffic to my blog

1.The first is short term traffic using this kind of traffic is to see what comes to your blog today, super test

2.The second is long term traffic which requires building some loyalty in the future tense.

Short term traffic

This form of traffic is based on referral sources which include blogs, social networks, guest post

Guest Posting.

This strategy of getting traffic has helped so many bloggers out there with short term traffic; not only is this traffic source ideal, you can be sure of increasing quality backlinks to your blog. Introduce yourself and network by expanding your reach.

This form of traffic has really boosted supplies to my blog and trust me the more guest post you write the more web traffic you get.

To tell you the truth, its not easy getting A-list or B-list blogs to accepting your articles or blog entries, one word, NEVER GIVE UP

Blog commenting

There’s a few points to raise here, but blog commenting helps a great deal in attracting serious traffic, one way to get quality traffic from this source is by making sense when commenting on top blogs that are of great resource. Try not to send spam messages when commenting on blogs, authors of such blogs will surely blacklist you when sending such messages. Commenting is meant to be used for recognition, branding, networking and most importantly link building.

Write Thriller Content

Writing is an art and a skill, you need to go in too deep in your writing, make it a s though you love it like your fiance or partner, make your content be the kill as though your life depends on it; how do you know if you’ve gotten the word out, through the number of times your post has been shared or most comments, you’ll realize you’ve done justice to your content deliverability.

Social Media

This has been my number one traffic source and am loving the juice it brings to my table. There are several ways to getting traffic through social media you can not only rely on twitter to bring you the traffic and hope someone retweet your tweets, you should try to engage yourself using Facebook marketing and Google + , recently I have seen a spike with the use of Google + and will definitely explore more from this great source of traffic.

Do more to find active blogger who you can become friends with using the social media channels, I found out that becoming friends with the A- list and B-List bloggers has really increased my exposure;

You can post and like on other people’s wall, you might not know the great help you are doing for your blog but this will surely bring in the traffic to your pages. Speak well of other bloggers, each time you post, I do this a great lot, here’s an example of two post I refereed about their blogs to get inspiration from

Another great strategy to use when increasing traffic to your blog is using On Page Optimization

Sincerely I may not be able to say much here but key things you need to do include

Make a few of your keywords bold to get the attention

Use the description tag when describing words

Post title (this is your H1 tag)

Make good use of sub-headlines in the body of your post (serves as H2, H3 tags)

Also use slugs

Article marketing

Using article marketing will surely increase traffic to your blog, you need to come up with an auction plan when using article marketing, try as much as possible to outsource 30% of your time to some one else, you can’t do it all.


Apply the information you have gotten here into good use and you can be sure of getting satisfactory value, it has worked for me and my friends and it will surely work for you.

To learn more about Increasing your search traffic using effective social media marketing tools #1, be sure to visit InternetBlogSecrets.com also get helpful tips on other traffic#2needs.

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