Simple Steps To Head Lice Removal

It is important to know how to deal with head lice removal because lots of people have them at some time in their lives, usually when they are children. Children playing together can spread these creatures from head to head so an infestation can occur quickly amongst classmates, friends and families.

Removal can be problematic because re-infestation can occur so quickly if a child’s hair makes contact with that of someone who has not been treated. Studies have also found that these insects appear to becoming resistant to some of the chemicals used in lotions. These difficulties can be overcome, however.

Once these pests have been detected it is important to deal with the problem promptly. Pharmacists can recommend a lotion to apply to the hair and scalp in order to kill the lice. The newer lotions are silicone and oil-based and have a physical effect (they work by smothering) rather than a chemical one like the traditional lotions. Scientists are hoping that the pests are unable to become resistant to these newer lotions.

If someone has any other medical condition has this problem, a health-care professional should be seen before using any lotion. Likewise, babies or pregnant women should not be treated before seeking professional advice.

The instructions that come with the lotion should be followed carefully as different lotions need to be left on the scalp and hair for varying amounts of time, from minutes to overnight, before being washed off. They usually need to be re-applied after seven days but some newer lotions only need to be applied once.

Tying back long hair and putting Afro hair in braids can help prevent re-infestation, as can washing bedding and clothes that have come into contact with the head. Everybody in a family needs treatment, and friends at school and out of school should be told so that their hair can be treated if necessary. Some schools will send out a letter asking parents to check their child’s hair if a classmate has this problem, which is a great way to prevent re-infestation.

If people do not wish to use medicated lotions for any reason, fine-toothed combs can be purchased which are fine enough to catch these creatures when ran through hair. After washing and rinsing, plenty of conditioner should be applied to the hair, which then needs to be combed thoroughly section by section, taking care not to miss any area. The comb needs to be checked after every single stroke by either rinsing in warm water or wiping with a tissue, thereby removing any lice. This must be repeated every second or third day until no insects are discovered because a one-off combing will not be sufficient. Unfortunately, this means that this method can take some time, especially if there is lots of long, wiry or easily tangled hair to comb.

Dealing with head lice removal is important because if left untreated the insects will multiply and may cause itchiness and irritation. This problem is incredibly common but the pests can be removed fairly easily if dealt with quickly.

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