Drink Water for Weight Loss and Health!

www.undergroundwellness.com Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness discusses water consumption. Total Dissolved Solids 300 or more Artesian Waters: Fiji, Evian, Voss Add unprocessed sea salt to increase TDS whey protein aspartame splenda sugar recovery jillian michaels supplements oprah oz bob greene p90x eas ronnie coleman jackie warner mike boyle verstegen mark personal training alernative medicine weight lifting fast food weston price oprah tolle arthritis hiv aids metabolic typing tmz …

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  1. BrandonYoung7 says:

    dude buy a stainless steel water bottle and filter your water

  2. rockabilly1983 says:

    It’s nice to know about the best kind of water to drink. Sean, do you buy Trader Joe’s Pure New Zealand Artesian Water? That’s what I buy. It’s sold in gallon size for $2.49 each. That’s the best deal for that kind of water. I especially love the blue plastic. There is just something special about the tropical design on those bottles. It makes you want to drink that water even more. I have the third edition of that book. That book was very fascinating when I read it. Everyone should read it.

  3. “Here…I’m water, drink me” LOL 🙂

  4. creamnice says:

    4orce, haha! da best water is alakline water, helps 2 lose weight and draws toxics out of the body. also improves body ph

  5. TAP water is probly hard as a ROCK, not counting the floride lol

  6. avilameon says:

    Bottled water is a waste of money, and really hard on the environment! ) :

  7. toohotnicegirl says:

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  8. toohotnicegirl says:

    Cool. Free diet avaiable ! Check my profile for more details.

  9. creamnice says:

    y take a multivitamin. if it is not found in nature than y?

  10. creamnice says:

    y r u gonna stick 2 tap water?

  11. psychoticjailbait says:

    58 🙂 lol

  12. jeffhardy664 says:

    whats 116 divided by 2

  13. im going to stick with Tap Water
    i think its FTW.

  14. creamnice says:

    eat seaweed to get minerals like: dulse, nori, sea lettuce, and kelp. These seaweeds contain all 8 glyconutrients, which are sugars that heal.

  15. I agree totally!!!

  16. denisprowl says:

    we have became too obsessed counting calories, adding and subtracting etc. just drink the freakin water people learn how to live natural this is sooo not rocket science!!

  17. TheAnonymouz says:

    I just tried this stuff. It’s great. I ate quite amount of it at lunch time and I couldn’t even eat dinner. Lol, great suggestion.

  18. if i’m relying on my h2o consumption to provide the bulk of my daily mineral needs i guess i’m on a severely restricted calorie diet (fasting…starvation?), or i’m just a total moron.

    worried about getting minerals? EAT &/OR TAKE A MULTI-VIT.

  19. 8o88y8rown says:

    your both wrong. your supposed to divide your weight in half and drink that many OUNCES of water.

  20. jalexander1979 says:

    Obviouslly Leather rebel justice dont know real facts. I knew about drinking half your weight in water before i saw this video.get your facts right homie!!

  21. LEATHERrebelJUSTICE says:

    i really dont want to battle but drinking half your body weight is forcing more water down than anybody would ever want to naturally. No human wants or in any time has drunk that much. Its blatantly wrong. Dont mix facts with,,, gosh think about it. No one watching your video believes something that ridiculous.

  22. Sarie2727 says:

    You are adorable, and soooo informative. Thnx

  23. i think sea salt is a scam. no iodine. why would you think sea salt is better than standard table salt

  24. klinger20007 says:

    hard to type when your doing paper work sorry for the typos

  25. klinger20007 says:

    lol pot o meat lol …. take a roast or turkey pork what ever after you cook it put it in a blender or fdprcr …and blend it up with garlic and olive oil ..onion spice etc hot peppers and then put it in a bean pot platice over the top pressed down pot top on .keep in fridge …..great for toast .cracers celery ,,,,,whater you want to dip…the same for any bean and veggies ….alittle spice and oil a little wizzzzzzz and you have a crock of dip ….easy peasy …….

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