Drift Away To Sweet Dreams On A ChiroFlow Water Pillow

Sleep is a basic human need though it is left out when basic needs are being counted. Just one day without it makes one cranky and more than two days of deprivation makes one delusional and cause hallucinations. An aching neck is a problem that robs one of sleep. A ChiroFlow water pillow eliminates all such problems.

These exceptional 20 by 28 inch pillows have an uppermost layer that is made from very supple polyester fiber which is hypoallergenic. There is also a thermal insulator over the hydraulic layer which prevents hot loss so the pillows never feel cold. The hydraulic layer is fixed onto the base and all these in combination offer unbeaten head and neck support.

The ChiroFlow came into the market in 1994. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and this is also how this unique concept and product came to be. It was developed by the CEO of the company, Maurice Bard following a whiplash injury that he suffered. As part of his treatment, he had to sleep with a water bottle under his pillow for neck support. This is how the idea came to him.

Clinical sleep trials have proven how effective this product is. Two of them were done at Logan College of Chiropractic and John Hopkins School of Medicine. It emerged tops over other therapeutic pillows that offer cervical spine support. It was proven to improve the quality of sleep one got especially in relieving neck pain that interferes with sleep.

It is easy to fill up and it can be adjusted. Some people prefer a firm pillow and they need to fill it up more. Those who like to sleep on a soft one should fill it with less liquid. Ordinary tap water is used. This is the way the firmness of the pillow can be altered to suit personal preferences. This is a unique feature as other kinds of therapeutic pillows are not adjustable.

Another exclusive feature is that it adjusts itself so that it aligns itself to the position of the neck as one turns while sleeping. The liquid immediately self adjusts so that it gives the necessary head and neck support whichever position of sleep is in.

Nights spent tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep because of neck pain are a thing of the past thanks to the ChiroFlow water pillow.

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