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Are you happy with the way you look? I do not mean your size, your face, your skin or your hair, I mean your clothes or the style in which you dress? It is simply an impossibility for everyone to be able to have good dress sense in the same way that we do not all have green fingers. The problem is that, no one cares whether you are a good gardener, but your boss might care about your dress sense.

The western business man’s style of dress, the business suit, has become the de facto worldwide accepted standard of dress for all business people – men and women. Thankfully, women have started to slowly adapt men’s suits to something more fitting for a woman, although the average women’s business suit is still pretty stern.

However, it is not only women who have been caught up in the deluge of men’s business suits, nations that traditionally wore totally different types of clothing, such as the Asian and African peoples, also feel obliged to abandon their own styles in order to dress in western business men’s suits.

The business suit has become a worldwide form of dress and it is a shame that we have lost so many other types. However, given the fact that any would-be successful business person ‘has’ to be dressed in a traditional western business suit, there are acceptable ways of making that suit your own. Methods of customizing or personalizing your look.

The means that you can do this is by the use of accessories. Clothing accessories are normally associated with women, but there are also clothing accessories that men can or should employ as well.

Characteristically women’s accessories are jewellery. Especially necklaces and earrings. Men’s archetypal accessories are a tie pin, a belt buckle or a hanky in the top pocket, but there are also accessories that successful people of both sexes can and do use quite frequently – every day, in fact.

The following are ideas for use as accessories to the international business suit for both sexes.

The first object that is an impressive accessory for business people of both sexes is a good quality leather briefcase. You have to have a high quality leather, locking briefcase, if you are hoping to make a good impression on your boss, your colleagues or and your clients.

The second item that you will have to have is a laptop computer or one of the new style notebook size computers like the Blackberry. However, it is obviously not good enough to just have one, it must be connected to the Internet by a permanent mobile connection and you must be familiar with how to use it. You may be called on to access some vital details and you do not want to look foolish. If you can not use one, do not carry one.

On the next level, a decent, famous-name watch always impresses. It does not need to be an shamefully expensive like a Patek Philippe or a Rolex. It could be an Omega, a Longines or a Tag Heuer, which are more reasonably priced.

The last accessories to mention are not really accessories at all. The first is one that most people notice and they are shoes. Wear good quality leather shoes at all times and keep them scuff-free and well-polished. The last accessory is for women: wearing sexy or expensive underwear can also give women a particular boost in self-confidence.

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