Dr. Michael Weir Gives You A Step By Step Guide How To Use Facebook To Stay Or Get Healthy

Over the past 5 years the popularity of social sites like facebook, and twitter has exploded. Did you know that in October of 2007 the active users on facebook (which means that they “logged on” to their facebook page regularly) was 12 million, and today the active users is up to 500 million! Most every one has one of these pages to connect with family, friends and classmates. As a doctor I wanted a way to connect with my patients to share tips on how to stay healthy and keep their spines in tip top shape, so I created a facebook page for my practice (you can visit it by searching for Back in Action Chiropractic on your facebook). I also want to share with you in 3 easy steps how you can utilize facebook to help you stay as healthy as possible.

1. The first step is to figure out just what you need help with in your health. Do you need diet advise? Maybe you need some fitness tips to help you stay motivated in your workout. Maybe you are so absolutely confused about health and just need some basic tips to point you in the right direction. Find out where you are at in your journey of health. This is an essential step in your ability to use facebook as a healthy resource. Another piece of advise is not to try to “fix” everything all at once. It can become very overwhelming to try to change your diet, start exercising and take vitamins all at once. The same principle applies to facebook. If you become a fan of too many pages (which I will explain later) it will just overwhelm you. Find one area and start with that.

2. Step number two is to take your topic you found in step one and find find facebook pages to become a fan of that will share tips, and ideas with you to better your health. The way that you do this is to go to Google. In the Google search bar type “site:facebook.com facebook+health” or “site:facebook.com facebook+fitness”. This will bring up a list of facebook pages on the topic you have chosen. If diet is the topic you have chosen substitute the word “diet” for the word “health” or “fitness”. Once you have chosen a few of the sites that jump out at you, click the link to enter that “fan page”. Once you are on the fan page, simply click the “become a fan” button. You should now be a fan of that perticular page and will start to receive their health posts to your facebook “wall”. You can also simply go onto facebook and in their search bar type your topic of interest which will bring up a list of relevant pages. A couple of my favorites are, https://www.facebook.com/#!/joseph.mercola, and https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-First-Choice-Life-Show/281310023094

3. Lastly, after you have become a fan of a few pages you need to start utilizing the tips and info that you are getting. Now at first this may be a little daunting, especially when its thrown in with all of the updates that you are getting from your friends and family. For the first week I recommend you read as many of the update posts as you can. This will allow you to see if the particular pages you selected are applicable and something you can use. Do not be afraid to “de-friend” a page if its something you do not want. The second week read all of the page posts that are left. At this point you should have a clear idea which fan page’s are going to give you greatest bang for your time. Now, the hard part…implement the idea’s and tips that you have found.

With the popularity of facebook and the wealth of information that you can find on it, it would be a shame if we did not utilize for the betterment of our health and wellness. I hope these tips helped!

Michael Weir, D.C. is a Bellevue Chiropractor, passionate about helping his communityachieve wellness. To visit his facebook page simply visit https://www.facebook.com/bellevuechiropractor

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