Don’t Relinquish the Fight Against Cystic Acne!

Cystic acne is the worst form of acne that a person can experience. It is more serious and damaging compared to other forms of acne such as pimples or whiteheads. This is due to the fact that the infection penetrates deeply within the skin layers and can cause very large and painful nodules.

A different. When the pores get blocked due to the excess of sebum, acne cysts or acne nodules will appear on the skin. After this occurs, inflammation arises as a defense mechanism developed by the body to go after the infection caused by the stuffed up pore.

The more sebum that is blocked up within the pore, the bigger the inflamed reaction will be. This reaction is the formation of a pimple or a cyst.

This excess amount of sebum is then mixed in with dead skin cells and becomes a rich feeding ground for bacteria, making the inflammation grow even larger. This accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria can make the body’s inflammation response produce pimples and cysts as large as five millimeters across.

Understanding Acne Cysts

Facial cysts can become even worse thanks to a condition called retention keratosis. Retention is caused when dead skin cells are not properly released into the skin surface. Also, dead and damaged cells become an easy target for bacterial infections. The bacteria may then pass over to other areas which causes acne cysts to worsen.

Nodulocystic acne can also be attributed to hormones. The hormones of androgen and testosterone both serve to amplify the amounts of sebum the skin produces. As aforementioned, these acne cysts are formed due to the sebum ducts not being clear. It is through these ducts that there is supposed to be a clear flow for all this material to reach the surface of the skin to then exit your body’s system naturally. In addition to all these factors, there are the factors of one’s genes and lifestyle that play a part in determining the severity of acne. The same could be said for stress since it as well has been demonstrated to worsen acne symptoms.

What Is There to Do About Severe Acne?

Do not consider that acne cysts are impossible to treat. Despite the seriousness of their situation, they can be successfully eliminated. The same goes for their chance of leaving behind a scar. A helpful option is an oral medication called Accutane. Its function is to shrink the oil glands which will lower the acne infections. Although this medication has a high rate of success, there are also dangerous risks such as depression. This treatment should be considered the last option due to the important risks involved.

Another option can be provided by a dermatologist and it uses cortisone as the active ingredient. The injections provide instant relief of the area affected, reducing its redness and inflammation. After the injection is administrated the pimple is lowered to the skin level making it less noticeable. Some of the problems that may occur after receiving the injection are temporary skin discoloration and bleeding.

Cystic acne is very difficult to overcome but it is not impossible. This type of acne requires a special acne skin care treatment since some could worsen the condition. Nowadays the market offers several natural options to get rid of acne and treat cystic acne.

The How-to of Eliminating Acne Cysts

The best recommendation for the treatment for severe acne is to stop it before it even begins to form. This is a goal attained by maintaining a disciplined daily skin regimen that has the effect of keeping skin pores open to prevent them from becoming blocked and forming acne.

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