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Have you ever received a financial help without being asked to pay back? Ever wondered, what makes one to part with ones hard earned money without any expectations? It’s strange but true that sharing gives a wonderful feeling of joy and peace. People who help others are happier than people who don’t. It’s mentioned for the umpteenth time by people who practiced it in their lives. We can also tap into the same source of joy and positive energy; we have to learn and practice to donate to charity.

If it’s such a good thing, then why so many people don’t donate to charity? Well, the first thought of giving away something without the hope of receiving it ever back gives rise to a strange feeling – a feeling of loss. Any sense of loss further gives rise to another strong feeling – fear. When we are uncomfortable with something, we always find out fitting excuses for not doing it. The first negative emotion which prevents people from doing charity is the impulse that “all charities are fraudulent.” It is true that some organizations practice fraud in the name of charity, but there are quite some charitable organizations that do a wonderful job. Should we rob these good people of financial help because some are cheating?

The second thought which stops people from doing charity is, “What difference a small sum of money can make?” Well, think once and think clearly – doesn’t every fiber contribute to the strength of a rope? If we all think against charity, then how much money this institutions are going to receive? How are they going to continue the good work they are doing? All our pennies combined are going to make thousands of dollars and combined we can make a difference. We must make a habit of countering our fear.

The worst ever fear which paralyses people when they think to donate to charity is that they already don’t have enough for themselves. This perhaps is the single most reason why people look away from charity. Yes, it’s a strong cause – nobody has enough. Starting from the poorest to the rich, everybody toils everyday for innumerable hours for acquiring more. In such a condition, ‘giving’ looks so meaningless. But, if we look at our expenses honestly, can we say that with an unfaltering tongue? We all are guilty of some amount of whimsical spending. If we can save some of that money and donate to charity we can make a difference. We have to make a habit of it because, when not sure, we are driven by our habits.

Monetary donations are also one way of giving back to the community. There are a lot of non-profit organizations that are dedicated in helping poor families and assisting in providing education to kids who live in poor areas. Some employers also have a partnership with these non-profit organizations, allowing the employees to donate part of their salary to these organizations. You may want to check with your local HR if they offer this kind of service. If not, you can check with your local community and see how you will be able to help. The thought that you are able to help someone achieve a better life is very rewarding.

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