Dog supplement

In my line of work I go into people’s houses on a regular bases. Most every household has a dog or two or five. Almost all dogs are standing ready to greet anybody who is willing to knock on the door, or ring the bell. Some of their tails clean off the coffee table just doing there greeting.

You can figure dogs out really quick. They will run around you and try everything they can to get you to pet them. They want to get your attention or they want to kill you because you look like steak and they love steak.

Do you think it’s possible that dogs turn out like their owners. Some people are as friendly as can be and so are there dogs. Then, there are people who are very protective and their dogs will not let you get out of their sight. Some are scary looking and they actually growl just like their dog. I’m just waiting for someone to bark at me.

Some times it’s hard to figure out a dogs age. Some are in great shape and as old as the hills. Then, some pups act like they can’t wake up. And what’s the deal with them sleeping all the time, do they watch TV all night.

Some dogs annoy us until were crazy and we wish they would disappear. And, some are so crippled that you can tell it really hurts for them to just get up. And, we keep them alive because we can’t stand the thought of putting them to sleep.

There is a breakthrough supplement that was made for humans and they liked the results so much they started giving it to their dogs. And, they found it works great in dogs. It has given dogs new life. It eats away free radicals in their body’s and it has brought back their spunk (seriously)

Its worth trying whatever we can do (with in reason) to make life for our friends as comfortable and pain free as we can.

Bruce has a great way of looking at the dogs he come accross in his daily activities. He is always trying to find ways to restore them back to health. And also make humans feel better and possibly live longer.

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