Does Oil Of Olay Regenerist Live Up To The Hype?

Olay is a popular brand, a little known fact however is, that it was originally founded in 1949 by Graham Wulff, in South Africa.

It was something new back then, people were used to creams and lotions, Olay however was a fluid of an unusual color. That was one factor that made it stand out from the other brands.

The commercials back then never said what the product really was or what it did, and the secrecy actually worked. People wanted Olay.

The prints on the heavy bottles made the ingredients sound like a well guarded secret, back then this actually worked.

And finally, Olay could only be bought in pharmacies and that fact made it one of the best selling beauty products of all time.

Procter & Gamble took the line over in 1985 and, since then, added a lot more products to the line-up. Whatever your skin needs, no matter how old you are, you can be sure Olay offers the right product.

There are lines such as “Total Effects”, “Complete” and “Professional” to make sure you can find all you need for your skin care.

Skin Regeneration is the field of Regenerist, as the name suggests. The unique selling point is the trademark amino-peptide and vitamin B3 complex, specially developed by Olay.

Other ingredients that come to use are: allantoin, glycerin, green tea extract and vitamin E.

There are almost 30 products in the Regenerist line, with a focus on UV products, facial moisturizers, eye treatments, special treatment and facial cleansers.

Our skin is a diva, but be assured: be it wrinkles, dark lines, age spots, acne, dryness or damage from UV radiation, Regenerist has something in the line-up that can help.

I’m aware that there are tons of other brands, so the legitimate question is: Where is the difference? Why should I spend my money for something that I know nothing about?

The answer: Because of the fact that Oil of Olay Regenerist has been tested and reviewed countless times, by scientists and users, and produced nothing but great results and satisfied customers.

Let me talk a little about the best selling products of the line: there is the area of micro sculpting, these creams and fluids go deep into your skin and make sure it’s hydrated and, additionally, wrinkles soften out and the skin looks healthier.

UV radiation is another area that has to be taken care of, since it’s the number one factor for the skin to age. The UV Defense Regenerating Lotion with a sun protection factor of 50 comes into play here.

Finally, you’ll find the highest possible concentration of the amino peptide complex in the Regenerist Regenerating Serums. These serums play a supporting role in the skin renewal process in making it quicker and more efficient. The result is fresh, healthy and young looking skin.

These are just some of the products offered in the line, Olay made sure that all the needs are taken care of, and tests and user reviews confirm their effectiveness.

Rita Cooper is an author with a focus on a healthy lifestyle. You can visit her site here: Olay Regenerist, she provides further product reviews.

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