Does My Hairstyle Suit Me?

There are so many different hairstyles for different people and different occasions. Just do a brief scan of the internet and you will come across a bunch of write ups and information about hair styles. You can find everything from articles on wacky and wild hair styles, to specific and serious articles on what kind of style for what shaped face you have. The bottom line is you can do almost anything with your hair.

For people who have a long face, the question that matters most is how they will style their hairs given that kind of shape. The longish shape of the face is mostly due to a large forehead relative to the rest of the face. It is not really a hopeless situation because a person has many choices. Someone with straight hair can create the appearance of more width by using bangs. Another hair style that will make the face look wide is the chin-length bobs and cuts arrangement. Curls and waves also add width, but for general appearance sake it might be wise to avoid short layers that add volume on top. As mentioned in the preceding sentences, bangs are effective in covering up wide foreheads.

There are a lot of options for someone who has this particular problem. For example, bangs had been used even before to make the face appear wider than it actually is. Chin-length bobs and cuts can also be effective options because they also work well to create an effective illusion of width. Curls and waves will also create the impression of width, although short layers are not recommended as it adds volume on top and it will not be flattering to the general appearance. The simplest and very effective way of narrowing a wide forehead is bangs.

On the other hand, people with a long face should avoid hair styles that will not complement their faces. Two things you should watch out for – do not cut your hair too short as it will make your face look even longer, and do not grow it too long either because it will have the same effect. Now, it is good if your face is not longish because you can style your hair with curls. Long and curly hairs are traditionally a head turner. If you are a girl with long curly hair, and you are having trouble with “frizzing,” one way to stop that is to not brush your curls. Instead, break up the curl using your fingers and be patient about it however tedious and wearisome it may be.

For obvious reasons, people, especially women, are very conscious of their hair and hair styles, and much is written about the subjects in print and e-zine articles. For each person, there is a different style. What hair style from among the dozens of options will match your features? Does it accentuate your best features? How about your flaws, are they covered? And don’t forget, you first of all must like it. That is the best and most important decision. If you like your hair then you will feel comfortable and confident and it will be apparent in your bearing and demeanor. So if you think that your hair style looks very good on you, you are probably right and other people will also think so.

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