Does Isatori Bio-Gro Justify It’s Own Hype?

Like all new muscle building sports supplements, Isatori Bio-Gro hit the industry in a cloud of marketing hype. It’s creators called ‘The Game Changer’, a product so powerful it could amplify your body’s ability to build more lean muscle in less time…

Today we will be looking at the ingredients and the science behind the product, to determine whether it can live up to it’s own hype or not.

If you have purchased sports supplements in the past you are probably already aware that the main problem is finding relevant information on a product which isn’t merely a sales pitch. Usually it takes a long time and many scientific studies before a product can be hailed as revolutionary. Whey protein and creatine are now in that category as they have been meticulously studied for over 20 years. The problem with a supplement like this, however, is that the technology is so new it can’t be backed up with facts yet. The danger there is that it sets itself up to disappoint people, with inexperienced bodybuilders expecting a miracle muscle building solution. I:5:T

Where it counts, however, the product stacks up rather well. When it comes to the actual contents inside the tub, rather than the hype on the outside of it, Bio-Gro shows itself to be a truly remarkable little product with considerable potential if the product is developed further as time goes by. It’s primary function is to attempt to increase the body’s ability for muscle protein synthesis.

That sounds an awful lot like anabolic steroids, but it’s a safe and thoroughly tested supplement so you need not worry about using anything illegal or dangerous.

The company advises you to consume two scoops per day and watch your ability to build lean muscle skyrocket over three months. This depends upon the individual, of course, and should be taken with a pinch of salt given that the technology is so fresh.

The fact that the technology is still so fresh actually works against it, to a certain degree. That’s because there is not a lot of scientific evidence in this field yet to be able to draw significant conclusions as to whether it can be classed as a ‘must have’ supplement. The bio-active peptides inside the tub are safe and proven, but the formula itself remains to be truly tested.

It appears the company is aiming to use the initial feedback from it’s customers as the benchmark for future developments of this particular product, until the scientific community has enough time to come up with evidence and studies to confirm it’s effectiveness.

Isatori Bio-Gro is an unusual product which deserves some praise for it’s originality. Whether it helps you to build muscle in the way it claims to on the packaging, however, cannot be guaranteed due to the extremely experimental phase the technology is going through at the minute.

Writer: The isatori bio-gro uk evaluation was formed by strength coach Russ Howe PTI. Russ is the most widely respected strength coach south shields has produced, teaching thousands of people muscle building tips via his website each week.

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