Does creatine actually build muscle mass or is it just increased water retention?

I can see an increase in size when i use creatine, but is it actually muscle or just water and will i loose it if i stop using creatine? Also, is using creatine for several months bad for you? Any suggestions for building muscle mass naturally? I’m 17, 150lb, eat about 90g of protein a day, 5′ 11” and while i can get stronger by working out, it’s hard to get bigger.

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  1. Creatine does not build muscle mass directly. It is a form of fuel so you can lift more and longer, so if you did your workout right, eat right and get enough sleep then you will gain more.

    People mistaken the bulkiness from weight lifting for muscles. It is not all muscles, but a form of carbs call glycogen which is stored in the muscles if you work to failure. It’s your body trying to anticipate you by storing more fuel in the muscle that is often fatigue and this "fuel" takes up space; ie bulk. You can only gain about 5 lbs of muscle tissue in a year, anything else is the glycogen, water, or even fat.

    Creatine exists in your body, but whether dosing yourself with supplemental creatine is safe is something that is not clear – you can find just about every arguement under the sun about whether it’s bad or good. My advice is to not take it for the long term. Use it and monitor you progress. If you don’t need it, don’t use it and save some money. If you feel that you have hit a plateau, then try it for a month and see.

  2. creatine works if you lift like a powerlifter while you’re on it.
    short super heavy sets of 3-4 reps and lots of them.

    if you’re doing ‘bodybuilding style" workouts, you’ll be disappointed.
    you will lose 4-8% of your gains when you come off but its not that noticeable if you trained right and ate right.


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