do you think that supplements give people a false sense of security?

How do you feel about how supplements are regulated (or not regulated)? If you take a supplement did you compare it to the information in the website which addresses choosing a supplement safely?

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  1. As long as they do not contain ridiculous amounts of vitamins/minerals then I feel they serve a good purpose especially for vegans,teens, and elderly people.All of these groups tend to not get enough vitamins/minerals from their diets alone.

  2. The FDA released a statement proving that there is no proof that they do a damn thing…yes, I agree

  3. One problem is that some ppl think that they can fix a bad diet (high fat, high sugar) by taking vitamins.

  4. i think your on to something here!

    and yes, the FDA really did say that. \

  5. Clarabelle says:

    Read Kevin Trudeau"s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know and get to know about the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies If you learn to take the right supplements they can help you a lot I do and can tell when I take them and when I don’t

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