Do You Take Omega 3 Supplements? Soon They May Be Illegal

fish oil supplements are big business, and it is now estimated that sales of various Omega 3 products run into the billions of dollars. And for extremely powerful reasons. Taking high quality fish oil supplements containing DHA and EPA may well be one of the best things that you can do for your health.

Many health conditions can benefit from increasing your intake of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids, from birth, or even before, right through into older age. That’s why a whole range of Omega 3 products have now, over the last decade or so, become available.

And that’s why the sales of products which have EPA and DHA, the major Omega 3 essential fatty acids, have exploded.

Many people, including me, have taken fish oil supplements for many years, and intend to do so for the rest of their life.

But they may not be able to. It may not be long until you, and everyone else like you, will go down to the local store to buy your Omega 3 supplements will find that there are none on the shelves.

That would come as a shock to you I’m sure. Everyone expects that if they want to buy Omega 3 supplements, or for that matter any other nutritional supplements which they have been taking for some time, that they will be available for them to buy.

Yes, there is a powerful reason why you, myself and everyone else may not be able to take Omega 3 supplements for the rest of our lives.

The reason is this. The pharmaceutical industry is an immensely powerful and profitable industry. It has been both powerful and profitable for many decades, and its tentacles reach right into government.

And the tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry also reach into the FDA.

The FDA, with the support of the pharmaceutical industry, now proposes a range of actions which, if they are allowed to take them, will make virtually all nutritional supplements, including Omega 3 supplements, illegal.

Yes that’s right. Most nutritional supplements will no longer be marketed to anyone in the US if the FDA is allowed to get its way. You will no longer be able to buy your Omega 3 supplements.

Of course the pharmaceutical industry will be able to produce similar products, and in fact they already do. At about 10 times the price.

This is an outrage. This is an assault on the right of people to choose how they manage their health. It is an attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to drive their competitors out of business.

Whilst you may only be an individual, and you do not have the power of the pharmaceutical industry, if enough individuals protest their voice will be heard.

To find out more about this EPA and DHA and add your voice to the growing protest.

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