Do You Procrastinate When It Comes To Personal Development?

Do you dream of a better life, more money, healthy loving relationships, greater freedom, more job satisfaction and reaching all those long cherished goals? Now take a moment to think of why they haven’t become reality. Can you already feel the flow of excuses that are ready to pour forth? If you can be completely honest with yourself, you will see that there is only one reason why your lifestyle hasn’t changed.

Procrastination is one of mankind’s worst enemies. A failure to act on your desires is usually the main reason why people fail to increase their lot in life.

The simple truth is everyone procrastinates. But, there is no harm in asserting that action, or lack of it, is what makes the difference between overachievers, average achievers, and underachievers.

Most people have a good awareness of what needs to be done to achieve what they want. However, many of those people don’t even give it a try. And it is not just laziness that’s at work. Many times there are deep rooted feelings of fear, insecurity and emotional blocks. They create excuses as to why they shouldn’t even bother.

You can study all the personal development and self improvement material in the world. You can buy and listen to the best business seminars, books and DVDs but unless the knowledge is applied it is worse than useless – it just wastes your precious time. Nothing is more empowering than getting started and taking action, no matter what type of action you are taking.

And of course, if you want to be successful, you need to be persistent. Edison failed 9,999 times and on the 10,000th time he created the light bulb. When someone asked him why he didn’t give up after failing so many times, he candidly replied that he didn’t in fact fail all those times; rather, he found 9,999 ways his project couldn’t work.

He was determined to win through his persistence. He knew he couldn’t fail because one can’t fail until he gives up. If your approach doesn’t work, make sure you don’t continue on the same path. You have discovered one more closed door, but that only gets you closer to the door that will open.

However, as I have previously said most people already know what they need to do in order to get the outcome they are seeking. In this day and time, and with the resources we have, it is impossible not to know. We have access to many types of information, with only one click. Perhaps you are putting-off even doing that.

Do you think the time has come to do what you need to do, and find the motivation to change your life? A small acorn grows into a very large oak, so small steps can lead to great things. Just a few more steps at a time will lead to achieving the life you dream of.

Choose a few small actions that you can take easily and build on them. Before you know it, your life will begin to improve. Make it a personal development quest to improve yourself or your life a little each day. You might not believe it, but I can assure you that small steps can really make a difference in improving your life. So stop procrastinating now and go do what you know will work or find out what will!

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