Do People Judge You Based On What You Drive?

We’d like to think that the car we drives doesn’t matter but the fact is that many people do judge is based on the car that we drive. Some autos blend in the crowd while others stand out due to brand prestige and name recognition. The car you drive can definitely say a lot about you; or perhaps not. Personally I do feel that people treat me differently depending on what I drive. People tend to assume I must be doing well for myself since I drive a luxury car (no arguing there, they are right!)

It’s rather ironic because the truth of the matter is that entry level luxury cars aren’t that expensive; they cost the same as a regular SUV with all the options. They are even more affordable if pre-owned or leased. It doesn’t take a whole lot to lease a nice car these days. Plenty of people are living beyond their means (driving a nice car but living in a tiny apartment) etc.

It can also be a drag to drive a nice car some times; some individuals have a tendency to not like people who drive certain cars. You can even receive a different level of service in a hair salon or store if they see you pulling up in a certain vehicle.

If the stylists or sales associates see you pulling up in an expensive car they will sometimes charge you more because they will assume that you can afford it. Some people will also assume that you are materialistic and snobby just because you drive a nice car. Expensive cars are also more prone to theft, break ins and vandalism. Some individuals may dislike your expensive car and key it.

Driving a nice car may be of importance if you are in a profession where you have to frequently interact with customers or even drive them around like many real estate agents do. Some individuals may feel like a more expensive car will boost their image and make them appear more successful while others do not care at all. It all depends on the individual person and what their own needs are.

It doesn’t mean that someone is poor just because they drive a beat up or economy car. Many wealthy people have no interest in expensive cars. They would rather invest in real estate or something else. You can’t tell a lot about someone’s financial status based on the vehicle they drive since many people live beyond their means.

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