Do Glasses Destroy Your Vision?

Different people?s eyes are uniquely different from each other. This is not only in colour and size, but also in functionality. Sometimes, it happens that some parts of the eye do not co-ordinate properly hence causing visual impairness or poor eyesight. Most people who fall victims of improper eye functioning, opt for glasses-also known as corrective lenses as a quick gateway to their problems. However, this only offers a temporary solution to the problem at hand. That is because they only help you to see clearly even though, just like all other decisions made without a second thought, it is not exactly the best solution for a problem as big as this. One has to always remember that, it is their eyesight that is at stake here.

You find that, glasses only make you develop a dependence on them such that, you can not do without them. Research has shown that, with the help of simple natural exercises, your eyes have this unique ability to heal themselves. Thus, by using glasses to correct an eye disfunction, you are literally doing more harm than good to your eyes. This leaves natural eye exercises as the best solution to deal with the defective eye.

The exercises should be done on a daily basis so as to get the results expected. They include, palming- a simple way of relaxing your eye and mind, fun in the sun, neck rotation among others. Most importantly, it is very necessary that you avoid stress and straining your eyes. It is a well known fact that, most eye defects is as a result of mental strain. Take lack of sleep for example, it has been proved to cause mental strain, eventually leading to vision problems.

It is best that one strengthens his or her eyes in order to prevent occurrences of eye sight problems in the near future. After all, a wise man once said, prevention is better than cure. It is therefore advisable that, you get rid of using glasses as much as possible since it does your eyes more harm than good.

That is, not only do they cost a lot of money, especially because of your regular visits to an optician to strengthen the lenses, but also because the dependence on glasses weakens your eyes making them worse. Instead, one should indulge in regular natural eye exercises like, concentrating on distant objects to help your eyes relax and avoid strain.

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