Do Boxing Workouts Like Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg got into his best physical shape ever for his role in “The Fighter” by doing boxing workouts faithfully for a straight two years before he even began filming. It was very important to him that everything was perfect for this movie. Not only did these workouts help him to look the part, but by doing the same workouts that a boxer does he was able to play the role more realistically. You can get into the best shape of your life by following in his footsteps, and it will not only give you a better body but you confidence will soar.

Even after just a few sessions you will start to notice that your arms and legs are stronger and more defined. You get a great cardio workout while toning all of the muscles in your body. You build up each of your muscle groups at an even rate. These workouts have risen to popularity ever since people started getting into Tae Bo and kickboxing as a way to get in shape, and they remain popular due to the fact that they deliver results.

When you are doing boxing workouts like the ones that Mark Wahlberg did, you get a lot of aerobic movement from the power punches and sparring jabs, plus your body is in constant motion. Mark used to wear a weighted vest to get an even more intense workout. If you want to get the most intense workout possible, make sure that you learn all the right techniques when it comes to the kicks and punches. The process of learning all of the combinations can bring you a lot of confidence as well as develop a lot of strength in all of your muscles.

You can do sparing with various types of bags, or you can just fight an imaginary opponent. There are a lot of classes that can teach you the proper techniques so that you can practice on your own time if you wish. An added benefit is that every time you spend an hour doing this type of workout, you will burn between 350 and 500 calories. Plus, these workouts are the perfect way to become more agile and flexible and you will develop amazing reflexes.

Your balance will drastically improve as well as your general coordination.
Doing boxing workouts on a regular basis will of course get you into supreme shape, but there are additional benefits that are unrelated to your physical fitness. You will be learning a form of self defense that can get you out of a sticky situation should you ever need to. Plus, you will have a satisfying feeling of accomplishment every time you learn a new move. Some people like to use boxing workouts as an emotional outlet and find them to be very motivating and positive in their lives. No matter what your reason would be for doing such workouts, the fact remains that Mark Wahlberg was able to get into great shape with them, and so can you!

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