DIY All Natural Paleo Bar Recipe

The paleo lifestyle is growing in popularity, and so is the desire for paleo-friendly protein bars. The problem is that these bars can get pricey, and they might not have the flavor options you are looking for.

If you’ve been here before, and you like to cook – why not bake your own healthy protein bars? They may take some time to bake, and they don’t come in hassle-free single-serving packages, but with a little practice and some closable plastic bags, you can develop your very own nutritious protein bars that you can carry with you in the car, to the gym or while traveling.

If you’ve ever read the labels for paleo bars, you probably have seen a couple of similarities. There are normally fewer than 10 ingredients, and many include nuts, coconut, protein powder and in some cases dried fruit.

These are all items that you can buy at your neighborhood supermarket, mix in a blender, place in a baking tray and cook for roughly 15 minutes. When finished, you simply take the baking pan out to cool, slice your bars into single-size servings and place in air-tight containers that are ready to enjoy when you are.

The first couple of batches that you make may turn out some unexpected results as far as discovering the taste and consistency you enjoy most. There are several cost-free recipe samples online that you can browse by conducting a fast search in a search engine.

When you discover a dish that you like, you can get nuts, seeds and protein powder in bulk to save money. In addition to having nutritious meals – you will be spending less cash at the same time!

Nuts, of course, are a good protein source, however, some people include egg or protein powder to boost the amount.

Nuts, shredded coconut and dried blueberries will not stick on their own. You want to include things such as almond butter, coconut oil with flax seed meal or honey to keep all of the components together.

Spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon can spice up your bars, in addition to a touch of salt. Get innovative with the paleo products you include in your very own recipes, as this can improve the taste, enhance the variety and make it simpler to enjoy the paleolithic lifestyle.

To view a paleo protein bar comparison chart, go here:

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